100 Weight Loss Tips – Your Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

21. Don’t starve yourself

Cutting out too many calories will trigger your body’s starvation response, which actually reduces your weight loss. When your body is starving, your metabolism drops and you start to lose muscle mass, which reduces the number of resting calories that your body burns.

22. Cut down on meals out

Eating in large groups is a contributing factor to weight gain, but there are plenty of ways to help reduce the calories from your social life. It’s as simple as dropping the fries from your meal or asking for the sauce to be on the side. If you’re really struggling, why not host a dinner party? That way you have complete control over the menu.

23. Those nights out are full of calories

There is conflicting evidence as to whether alcohol alone will cause weight gain, but some types of alcohol have a high calorie content, so it’s important to monitor your intake. You can still enjoy a good night out, but be mindful of your drink. Simple changes like having a sugar-free mixer and ditching the late-night takeaway can make a big difference.

24. Research the menu

If you can’t avoid those indulgent meals out, research the restaurant’s menu beforehand. Lots of places have the calories of different dishes listed online, which can be a big eye-opener. Decide on what you’re having beforehand to avoid panic ordering on the spot.

25. Get a doggie bag

It’s easy to overeat when you’re eating out. You paid for this amazing meal, so why shouldn’t you finish every bite? A good way to avoid this temptation is to eat slowly and, when you’re feeling full, ask the waiter to wrap up the rest for you to take home.

26. Drink water before eating

Drinking water is great for your body, and drinking before you eat is even better. One study proved that drinking 500ml of water before each meal reduced the energy intake from the meal. It also helps you to identify if you’re really hungry or just thirsty.

27. Don’t fear the scales

Weighing yourself on a regular basis is an important part of both losing weight and maintaining your weight loss. By becoming comfortable with the number on the scales and not fearing your weight, you become more aware of how your weight fluctuates. This gives you the opportunity to change behaviors that might be causing weight gain.

28. Change your lifestyle

Losing weight is easy (kind of), but maintaining that weight loss is tricky. Only 20% of people are successful in maintaining their weight loss. One of the most important things to do is to increase your exercise over the long term. A more active lifestyle makes it easier to maintain your weight, and continuous self-monitoring can help to catch slip ups.

29. Eat less, chew more

A Chinese study proved that if you chew every bite of your food 40 times, you will consume 12% fewer calories, even if you have an unlimited supply of food. It might seem a bit extreme to chew every bite 40 times, but it’s a good idea to try and chew each bite a little bit more. It also means you’re eating more slowly, which gives you time to realize when you’re full.

30. Eat more whole foods

Studies have shown that single-ingredient foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are more filling than snack foods and bakery products. If you change every snack so that it has a single ingredient, you’re much more likely to be successful in losing weight. The easiest way to achieve this is to fill your house with a delicious variety of whole foods.

31. Watch less television, lose more weight

The more television you watch, the more sedentary your lifestyle will become. In fact, every daily hour of television viewing could contribute to 0.31lb of annual weight gain. Finding hobbies that are more active (but still relaxing!) can massively help your weight loss. Even a light activity like gardening will help to burn more calories.

32. Replace your fries with salad

Fries are worse for you than salad … who would have guessed? On average, fries contribute to 3lb of annual weight gain, whereas salad causes 0.82lb of weight loss. It’s a simple switch, but it will make a big difference to your weight loss.

33. Keep drinking your coffee

Coffee contains caffeine, which helps your weight loss by increasing the amount of calories that your body burns. But remember to keep track of what goes into your coffee! Use sweeteners instead of sugar, and ditch the syrups and cream. The more milk and sugar you add to your drinks, the more calories you’re sneaking into your diet.

34. Sugary drinks are the enemy

We all know that soda is bad; one study showed that children who had one soda a day were 60% more likely to be obese. It’s hard to cut soda from your diet completely, but there are plenty of sugar-free alternatives. Liquid calories are sneaky, so don’t let them catch you out.

35. Green tea is your friend

Wondering what to drink instead of your cream-filled coffee or sugary soft drinks? Well, green tea is your weight loss friend. A study using green tea extract showed that consuming green tea improved your body’s ability to break down fat. If you want to lose that stubborn belly fat, it’s time for tea.

36. Intermittent fasting isn’t just a fad

Intermittent fasting might seem like a crazy weight loss fad, but the International Journal Of Obesity proved that it’s actually conducive to long-term weight loss. Perhaps there’s more to some of these weight loss fads than meets the eye?

37. Change the fat you cook with

It’s in the name, so you know what fat is going to do to your body. However, it’s hard to avoid using fat when cooking. Some fats are healthier than others. For example, coconut oil boosts your metabolism and is lower in calories than the alternatives.

38. Ask for dressing on the side

Meals out can be filled with calories, but by asking for your dressing or sauce on the side you can shed a lot of the calories in your tasty dish. Try adding a little bit at a time and see how you go. Even salads can be packed with calories if they’re covered in dressing!

39. Don’t just diet – change how you eat

Dieting is a short-term fix for a life-long problem. In fact, those of us who diet on a regular basis are more likely to have problems with future weight gain. Don’t make huge sacrifices when starting a diet; try making some small healthy changes that you’re willing to stick to for life.

40. Switch some meat for whey protein

A lot of meats – especially red meats – are high in calories. One tip to lose weight is to swap some meat for whey protein. Not only can you benefit from 8lb of additional weight loss, you can also improve your body composition by shifting to a higher proportion of lean muscle mass.

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