100 Weight Loss Tips – Your Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

41. Up your (plant-based) protein

To up your protein intake and reduce the calories you’re eating, try swapping meat for plant-based options. Not only is this option low in calories, it’s also proven to be healthier and to reduce the risk of diabetes. Good plant-based protein options include grains, legumes, and nuts.

42. Increase your fiber intake

Fiber is really important to your body, and a diet filled with processed foods is unlikely to contain enough of it. Fiber helps decrease the risk of cancer, and it’s vital in the regulation of appetite. Eating more fiber will help your body realize when it’s full, preventing you from overeating. So pack in those beans and high-fiber cereals!

43. Take a fiber supplement

Sometimes it’s tricky to get enough fiber into your diet, especially if you’re intentionally cutting down portion sizes. If you don’t think you’re getting enough fiber, consider taking a supplement. Glucomannan is a readily available fiber supplement that is proven to aid weight loss.

44. Spice things up

If you enjoy spicy food, we’ve got some great news for you! Chilli peppers contain capsaicinoids, which are naturally occurring chemicals that help improve weight management. So try adding a little bit of spice to your life. For those of you who can’t stand the heat, you can take a supplement that contains the important capsaicinoids.

45. Try a low-carb diet

A common dieting method is to limit the amount of carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, that you eat. This method has been proven to be effective for people with insulin resistance, making it a more suitable diet for those at risk of type 2 diabetes. Remember, always consult your GP before making a radical change to your diet, especially if you’re at risk of or suffer from diabetes.

46. Eat your spaghetti

An easy way to cut out carbs and eat more vegetables is to replace your favorite carb-based meals with a veggie alternative. Spaghetti? Spiralize your zucchini. Pizza? Make it with a cauliflower base. Fries? Trade up for sweet potato wedges. The possibilities are endless!

47. Try eggs and sausage for breakfast

This breakfast may not sound healthy, but it’s great for appetite control. High-protein breakfasts help control your appetite and prevent overeating later in the day, so treat yourself to that fried breakfast! (Just make sure to go for a low-fat variety of sausage.) If you’re looking for even more breakfast benefits, you can fry your food with coconut oil for a bonus metabolism boost.

48. Go with your gut

Many of us take a probiotic to help top up the good bacteria in our digestive system, but did you know that this also helps with weight loss? A probiotic can help to prevent both obesity and diabetes with its beneficial metabolic effects. If a probiotic isn’t part of your daily routine, now may be a good time to start!

49. Brush your teeth after your evening meal

If you brush your teeth straight after your evening meal, you reduce the risk of snacking during the night. If you do snack after brushing your teeth, the overwhelming taste of mint makes the food feel less rewarding, helping to prevent future snacking.

50. Focus on aerobic exercise

Both aerobic exercise (such as walking and light jogging) and anaerobic exercise (such as sprinting and weight training) have different benefits for your body. However, when it comes to losing your body’s hidden fat, the clear winner is aerobic exercise. If you’re trying to lose weight for your health, a good dose of aerobic exercise may be the place to start.

51. Start weight training

In 2008, an in-depth study showed that resistance training was the best way to maintain weight loss. Doing any form of weight training helps to maintain a high resting energy expenditure, because muscle mass naturally burns more calories than body fat.

52. Talk to someone

It’s very easy to start blaming yourself for weight gain, but the truth is that food addiction affects as many as one in five of us. You’re the only person who can regain control, but you don’t have to go it alone. It’s important to seek help and talk about your weight problems. If you blame yourself, it’s much more likely to become a lifelong problem.

53. Combat stress as part of your diet

Weight loss is something that is both physical and psychological. Stress can negatively impact cortisol production, food cravings, and how your body processes insulin. If stress is something you suffer from, seek help and proactively look for ways to reduce and manage the stress in your life.

54. Set your targets high

A study from 2005 showed that women who set high weight loss goals had lost more weight after 24 months than those who set lower targets. When it comes to weight loss, pushing yourself as hard as possible can be very effective. Just be sure to celebrate your successes, no matter how small!

55. Get away from your computer

Often find yourself sitting behind a desk? One study showed that people who use a computer for more than an hour a day are 1.5 times more likely to be overweight. Computer use is part of modern life, but the more time you spend away from the screen, the more likely it is that you’ll be successful at losing weight.

56. Fast before your workout

If you fast before exercising, you increase your fat loss by up to 20%. This is because your body has to get that energy from somewhere, and because you haven’t fueled it with food, it burns your body fat instead. But remember, your body is going to release a bunch of chemicals that encourage you to eat, so it’s all about willpower!

57. But eat before you work out if you get cravings

If you’re someone who struggles with food cravings, be sure to eat before you work out. If you eat before exercising, your appetite is much more likely to be suppressed than if you fast. It’s no good going to the gym and then having a binge fest!

58. Practise mindfulness

When it comes to food, mindfulness is especially important if you struggle with binge eating or other eating disorders. 86% of reviewed studies showed that mindfulness improved eating behaviors. Start the process by thinking about how you feel before eating and contrast it with how you feel afterwards.

59. Lose weight as a group

Being part of a weight loss group, or a team competing against each other, can massively help with losing weight. The psychological impact of team-based weight loss is that it drives everyone in the group to succeed. Surround yourself with people who will motivate you to achieve your goals.

60. Keep healthy snacks nearby

Stocking up on healthy snacks is a great way to aid your weight loss. With the growing interest in healthy and clean eating, there is a huge variety of deliciously healthy snacks to fill your kitchen cupboards with. By having healthy treats nearby, you’ll be saved when the snacking temptation becomes too strong.

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