100 Weight Loss Tips – Your Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

61. Go for a run with friends

Jogging is a great form of cardio to aid weight loss, and one that you can fit into your daily routine without a gym membership. If you’re struggling to get motivated, try going for a run with your partner or with friends. You can challenge and motivate each other along the way!

62. Walk it off

If you don’t have time for a jog, try to walk more in your everyday life. Driving to the shop that’s less than a mile away? Ditch the car and get your trainers on. Try to increase your cardio a little bit at a time.

63. Go meat-free

The benefits of a vegetarian diet are well-documented. Not only is it a great way to keep the calories down, it also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. If you’re a bacon addict, you don’t have to cut out meat altogether. Start slowly, like enjoying a meat-free Monday.

64. Try going vegan

If you’re already a vegetarian, consider going vegan. Due to its growing popularity, it’s easier than ever to be vegan. Most restaurants now offer vegan options, and many non-vegan dishes can be customized to make them vegan. It’s also a great way to learn how to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. Eggplant lasagne, anyone?

65. Cut out dairy

If veganism is a struggle, try cutting down on dairy. That sprinkle of parmesan, splash of cream, mid-morning yoghurt? It’s all adding calories. Not only that, excessive amounts of dairy can cause chronic inflammation, aging, and poor skin. Yuck! Try ditching the dairy and switching to soy or almond milk.

66. Don’t ban food!

Although food cravings play a big part in weight gain, you shouldn’t ban your favorite types of food altogether. This will only make you want them more, and mean you’re more likely to fall off the diet wagon. Try to reduce your junk food consumption by a little bit at a time, and find healthier alternatives to your favorite snacks.

67. Plan your meals

Got a journal ready? Studies show that people who plan their meals have lower odds of being overweight. Simply jotting down some meal ideas for the next day is a good place to start. This can also help you with meal prep. Try making a list of your meals for the rest of the week, cook what you can in advance, and voilà! A week of healthy ready meals.

68. And bring lunch to work

While you’re planning meals, don’t forget to include lunch. Ditch the work cafeteria fries and bring in some salad, rice and fish, zucchini noodles … get creative so that you don’t feel like you’re missing out on those lunchtime treats.

69. Don’t shop when you’re hungry

Avoiding the junk food aisle in supermarkets is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re hungry. In fact, studies have shown that hungry grocery shoppers tend to buy more calories, but not more food. Try to do your shopping after you’ve eaten a meal. If that doesn’t fit into your schedule, keep some healthy treats in your bag so that you can snack before you shop.

70. Shop smart

Being aware of the food you’re buying is important if you want to keep the weight off, and there are lots of ways to shed calories from your weekly shop. Try and find a low-fat alternative to your favorite salad dressings and dips. If you’re buying tinned fish, go for the ones in brine rather than oil. Ditch the sugary cereal and opt for some bran flakes. It’s not about buying less, it’s about buying better.

71. Read food labels

A big part of shopping smart is understanding the nutritional value of different foods. It’s good practice to read food labels as you’re shopping. Some things might be fairly low in calories but offer almost no nutritional value, like potato chips. Check out government websites, like the FDA, to learn more about reading food labels.

72. Healthy junk food

Junk food is often filled with empty calories, meaning that it offers no nutritional value and isn’t particularly filling. With the “clean eating” trend growing in popularity, the demand for healthy junk food is higher than ever, and supermarkets have delivered. Fruit bars, kale chips, chickpea popcorn – the possibilities are endless! Cutting out junk food completely is tricky, so try to swap some of your favorites for these healthy alternatives.

73. Don’t eat straight from the fridge!

Portion control is important in weight loss, and this is much harder to achieve if you eat straight from the fridge. Carefully portion out what it is you’re about to binge on. Bag of chips? Grab a plate and dish out the number you should be eating. Try tying up the bag with a hair tie to stop you going back for more.

74. Table manners

If you’re still struggling with binging, try eating everything at the table. This might seem like a lot of effort, but that’s the point; if you’re not prepared to take the time, sit down, and enjoy every snack you’re having, you shouldn’t be having it. This should encourage you to take time and really think about your eating habits.

75. Don’t stop snacking!

If you cut out snacking completely, you’re more likely to binge out of hunger or habit. Plus, snacking can be great for you if you choose the right food! Make yourself some snacks in advance as part of your meal prep: They can be as simple as carrot sticks and hummus, or you could look at making your own cold-pressed fruit bars. Anything that you can grab and go.

76. Think positive

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that many people thought that losing weight was harder than maintaining their weight loss. Starting a diet can feel like a chore, but discovering new, healthy recipes can actually be a lot of fun. Do some research, buy some new recipe books, have cooking days with your friends, make dinner for someone special. Eating healthily has never been so much fun!

77. Chew gum

A good way to curb the temptation to snack is to have some gum handy. Similarly to when brushing your teeth, the taste of mint will put you off those afternoon treats. If you snack out of habit, this will also help to trick your body into thinking that you’re eating. Just make sure to choose a sugar-free gum!

78. Big lunch? Have a smaller dinner

Excessively large or “supersized” portions are a big contributor to the obesity epidemic. But don’t be too hard on yourself if you go a little overboard during mealtime! If you find yourself out for lunch with work colleagues, or if you caved and had a fast-food feast, try to have a smaller dinner that day.

79. Brown rice

Not only does a diet rich in brown rice help to reduce body weight, it also helps to lower cholesterol. Brown rice is a whole grain, and is higher in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Because of this extra fiber, brown rice is more likely to fill you up than white rice, which has very few nutrients.

80. Friendly fats

Fat gets a lot of bad press, and with good reason. However, a study in The Lancet showed that a high-fat Mediterranean diet was associated with a decrease in body weight. Foods such as avocados, olives, and salmon are packed with heart-healthy fats, which can help to lower LDL cholesterol and decrease your risk of type 2 diabetes. They also help to fill you up, meaning you’ll be less likely to binge throughout the day.

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