Why A 1kg Weight Loss Is More Important Than You Think!

You step on the scale after a long week, two weeks, or maybe even month of diet and exercise and it reveals a 1kg weight loss. Are you disappointed or are you happy?

Many dieters aren’t happy with a small weight loss. They have their sights set on larger intervals, and are dissatisfied when the scales don’t weigh in their favor. However, there are important reasons to celebrate weight loss successes.

In this article, we discuss the importance of celebrating all weight loss, the health benefits of losing weight, and some simple ideas for how you can celebrate your own!

Why celebrating all weight loss is important

Celebrating weight loss is about more than the number of kilos lost. Yet so many dieters pass by their first kilo of weight lost, thinking it’s nothing to celebrate. Others may not feel as if they’re making progress until they’ve lost 5 kilos, or maybe even more. However, it’s important that you celebrate all weight loss, even the small victories.

The reason is primarily psychological. Some dieters have their minds set on their ultimate dream body, and skip celebrating their small accomplishments along the way. But thinking too big can be dangerous, especially since it can take years to achieve the body you want. Unfortunately, few dieters can (and will) remain motivated if they only diet and exercise with one goal in mind, especially if that goal revolves primarily around the number on the scale.

Small wins, especially in weight loss, are worth celebrating. The power of progress, and tracking small achievements, is a simple way to enhance motivation. If you record your progress, whether through a weight loss chart or even a photo diary, you’ll appreciate these small progressions even more.

Remember, fluctuations are going to happen. Small changes in your weight are bound to occur regularly. Typically, these changes are due to water weight. It’s important to remember that your weight loss won’t be linear. Ups and downs, even those not due to water weight, will occur – and that’s ok.

By setting realistic, short-term goals, and celebrating each as you achieve it along the way, it’ll be significantly easier to reach your ultimate goal. Read on to learn why short-term goals are important when you’re thinking of weight loss in terms of health benefits.

Health benefits of weight loss

Studies show that losing even a small amount of weight can lead to big improvements in your health! In fact, you should be proud of every kilo lost, for reasons that include:

1. Lower cholesterol – a reduction in body fat lowers cholesterol in the bloodstream. And because high cholesterol levels can increase your risk of a heart attack, since it sticks to the inside of your arteries, this reduction in weight could save your life. One study of overweight and obese women revealed that any reduction in body weight, particularly over a long period of time, reduced the risk of a heart attack. So every kilo lost should remind you of the great benefits you’re gaining for your health!

2. Better moods – even just a 5 percent reduction in body weight can lead to better moods and sleep within six months. Adequate sleep controls hunger hormones and keeps frustration in check. This will help you stay motivated, especially through the tougher, more frustrating times!

3. Less inflammation – chronic inflammation, caused by excess weight, can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular issues. One study, where the average weight loss for participants was just 3 kilos, decreased inflammation and gave immune function a boost. Such results were thought to be the result of the inflammatory proteins found in fat cells.

4. Less joint pain – excess weight strains joints and can lead to arthritis over time. Research suggests that just a 5-kilo decrease in weight can reduce your likelihood of osteoarthritis by more than 50 percent! More importantly, less joint pain makes it more likely that you’ll engage in physical activity over time and stay active, even in old age. This leads to even greater weight loss, and can lead to other health benefits, too!

Some less well-known but just as important benefits of even just 1kg of weight loss include:

  • clearer skin
  • reduced stress
  • fewer colds and other ailments
  • better memory
  • less need for prescription drugs
  • fewer allergies

Every kilo lost is a step toward these benefits and others. If you want to stay motivated, be sure to remind yourself of all of these health gains whenever you step on the scale!

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Simple ways to celebrate your weight loss success

Your body will continue to improve and change as you continue to lose more weight. How you celebrate is important, especially as you visualize your success! In fact …

  • 1kg lost is the equivalent of 7 apples
  • 5kg lost is the equivalent of a cat
  • 10kg lost is the equivalent of 67 bananas
  • 15kg lost is the equivalent of 26 basketballs!

If you’re looking for even more inspiration, search for the amount of weight you’ve lost and what it’s equivalent to. Chances are you’ll be surprised!

More importantly, you should celebrate all of these successes! Some simple ideas of how to do so include shopping for new clothes (in a smaller size, of course), going out on a date, treating yourself to a day at the spa, or even rewarding yourself with some other item – not food – that you’ve had your eye on for some time.

By setting short-term goals you’re likely to achieve, with an incentive of something to enjoy once you get there, it’s easier to weather the highs and lows of your weight loss journey.

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Expedite kilos lost and celebrate success more quickly!

Diet and exercise are the key to losing weight. However, a comprehensive, natural weight loss supplement can speed up results without harming your health.

If you’re looking to drop kilos more quickly and boost energy, PhenQ is a simple addition to your routine that makes losing weight simple. And when combined with the right diet, physical activity, and attitude, it’ll help ensure that you’re doing everything possible to lose weight, look your best, and not get discouraged along the way!

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