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5 “Healthy” Foods A Nutritionist Wouldn’t Touch – And Neither Should You!

Low-fat foods, fruit juice, and whole wheat products all sound healthy. But are they?

Most dieters fall victim to health foods because they’re marketed as being good alternatives to traditional “bad” choices. However, many nutritionists steer clear of these “health” foods, and so should you.

Here are 5 “healthy” foods that are actually unhealthy foods in disguise.

1: “Low fat” and “fat free” foods

Fat was demonized decades ago, marking the appearance of “low fat” and “fat free” products. And, while it may seem like a health benefit to do away with saturated fat, companies add a significant amount of sugar to these foods to make them taste better without the added fat.

In short, they aren’t healthy. They’re over-processed and should never make their way into your diet.

2: Fruit juice

Fruit juice is healthy if you juice it yourself. However, if you’re buying fruit juice from the grocery store, chances are you’re purchasing juice with very little – if any – actual fruit, consisting instead of fruit flavoring with a lot of added sugar.

Most commercial juice contains as much, if not more, sugar than soda. Choose your juice wisely.

Orange Juice

3: “Whole wheat” products

Whole wheat is a healthy alternative to white grain. The problem is that most “whole wheat” products aren’t made from whole wheat.

Due to how most whole wheat products are processed, it’s likely that the ones you’re eating are no better than white grain products. Additionally, modern wheat is less nutritious than wheat was centuries ago.

The result? A “healthy” food you should bypass on your next trip to the grocery store.

4: Organic processed foods

Organic food has become synonymous with healthy food. However, processed organic food can be as unhealthy as its conventional counterparts.

For example, organic cereal bars may use “organic raw cane sugar” instead of regular sugar, but the outcome is the same: a product with little or no nutritional value. It’s best to skip these kinds of processed foods altogether.

5: Low carb foods

Carbohydrates often get a bad reputation for being unhealthy. However, low carb foods are often highly processed and include little to no “whole” (i.e. real) foods whatsoever.

Low carb foods are typically cereal bars or “paleo-friendly” alternatives to snacks such as granola. Like the rest of the foods on this list, they’re better to bypass when you’re looking for healthy ways to lose weight.

Nutritional Foods

Have you been eating these “healthy” foods?

Most smart dieters do, thinking they’re better than traditional alternatives when they’re in a pinch and need something good on the go. However, organic cereal bars and low carb alternatives are just as bad as processed fruit juices and the “low fat” version of your favorite salad dressing.

When you want to lose weight, nutritionists agree that the best way to do so is with healthy, whole food options. This means eating more real food and less of the convenient foods that sneak unhealthy additives into your diet.

So, what will be on your shopping list next time you go to the market? Hopefully it won’t include anything on this list!

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