5 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Want To Stay Slim

Losing weight is difficult, but keeping it off can be even more of a challenge. At least, it is if you’re not eating the right foods. Of course, some “off-limits” foods are perfectly fine in moderation. Yet there are others that you should avoid altogether when you’re trying to stay slim without working overtime. Here … Continued

The Only Shopping List You Need For Healthy Eating On A Tight Budget

Healthy eating is often associated with spending a lot at the grocery store. And if you were to purchase everything fresh, organic, and ready-made, this misconception would be correct. However, this method of grocery shopping isn’t the only way to eat healthily. In fact, there are countless ways to eat healthily on a budget, even … Continued

A 5-Step Plan To Stop Emotional Eating In Its Tracks

At a basic level, food is what fuels our bodies. We need it to stay alive. However, many people think of food in an emotional way because food is at the center of so much in our lives: Celebrations, loss, and other events. The problem with food is that many people use it to fill … Continued

Low Carb vs Low Fat: Which Diet Causes Faster Weight Loss?

For years, dieters have touted low carb diets, crediting them for their weight loss. However, most low carb diets work for the same reason other diets work: they involve cutting calories, which naturally leads to weight loss. As time has gone on, low fat diets have emerged as another way to lose weight. This has … Continued

8 Health Apps You Need To Download ASAP

You’re always on your phone, so why not use it to support your health and fitness goals? After all, you may have a goal − to lose a set amount of weight or even to work out a certain number of times per week − but not know how to attain it. The right health … Continued

5 Ways To Keep Your Motivation Fire Burning When Losing Weight

Weight loss is hardly ever a straight, steady path. In fact, many people who lose weight gain some back, lose more, and continue with this cycle of ups and downs. This is expected, and it’s a natural part of your weight loss journey. There’s a problem, though: Even the smartest dieters can get discouraged as … Continued

Why Food Looks Even Better When Dieting

You love chocolate cake, pizza, and [insert virtually any other comfort food here]. But why is it that when you’re dieting, these foods look even better than they did before? There are countless explanations, some scientific and others practical, of why this is the case. In this article, we’ll explore: the science behind why food … Continued

The Smart Dieter’s Guide To Fruit Juices

Fruit juices are often condemned, even for the smartest of dieters. The reason for this is simple: Fruit juices are a sneaky source of added sugar, especially if you’re buying processed juice. The problem with this mentality is that there are actually ways to include juice in a healthy diet. In this article, we’ll discuss: … Continued

The Smart Dieter’s Guide To Time-Restricted Eating

Smart dieters know that there isn’t a magic bullet when it comes to weight loss. You need to eat the right foods, exercise, and take care to ensure everything is working to your advantage to help you lose weight. More smart dieters than ever are turning to time-restricted eating methods, like intermittent fasting, to shed … Continued

The Smart Dieter’s Guide To Sugar-Free Drinks

Smart dieters know that there’s a simple science to weight loss: Energy out needs to be greater than energy in. Knowing this, many dieters turn to low-calorie or sugar-free products to still enjoy their food without the added calories. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the realm of sugar-free drinks. After all, sugary beverages … Continued