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Vacation Without the Weight Gain: 5 Easy Tips to Keep in Mind

Many people look forward to their summer vacation each year. These same people don’t look forward to the weight gain that often accompanies summer vacations.

The problem is that many people go into a vacation knowing that it will be difficult for weight loss efforts. This encourages some to “treat” themselves too much, although they know it will be counterproductive to their diet plan and weight goals.

How to avoid vacation weight gain

The right approach to weight loss and vacations is to focus on maintaining your current weight. Doing so is a great way to relax and treat yourself without ruining weeks or months of effort on a healthy diet plan.

To stay slim while traveling, here are 5 simple tips you should follow.

Tip #1: Plan Ahead for Eating and Activities

If you choose a resort or hotel without a gym or an area with limited physical activities, you aren’t going to be able to maintain any type of fitness routine. Likewise, if the resort restaurants don’t offer healthy choices, you aren’t going to have the option to stay healthy.

Plan physical activity and healthy eating into your trip before you book anything. What activities do you want to do? What restaurants are in the area that you want to try? By creating a plan of what you want to do on each day, you can stay on track, even while you travel.

Tip #2: Be Mindful of Portion Sizes

If you don’t book an accommodation with a kitchen, you’re going to be eating out for every meal. While you can choose healthy choices, portion sizes are going to be the biggest problem.

The best rule of thumb to follow is to never finish your entire plate. Instead, split meals with others who are traveling with you or order off the appetizer menu to enjoy smaller portions. If you are hungry after your meal, opt for fruit or a lighter alternative rather than another meal.

Tip #3: Don’t Go Overboard on the Drinks

Beverages are one source of calories that many don’t think about. But when you consider the calories in your creamer to the sugary sweet alcoholic beverages that come standard on beach getaways, you might be consuming hundreds of calories (if not more) in drinks alone.

This isn’t to say you can’t enjoy a few drinks. Simply limit the drinks to a few each day and substitute other drinks with water to stay hydrated and keep hunger at bay. You may even want to substitute out regular water with sparkling water for added variety.

Tip #4: Purchase Snacks for Your Hotel Room and Between Meals

There are stores around most hotels or snacks available in hotels that you can snack on should you get hungry between meals. You don’t need a refrigerator for most either, making it simple to store and carry snacks wherever you go.

Snacking will keep hunger at bay, stabilize your blood sugar, and prevent you from overeating at meals out. Some of the best snacks to keep on hand include:

  • Nuts, especially almonds, pistachios, and other “healthy” varieties
  • Seeds
  • Cereal
  • Fruit
  • Granola bars
  • Crackers

You may have to settle for what is on hand but at most resorts, getting your hands on these foods isn’t difficult. You can even bring some of your favorite snack bars or foods from home if you’re worried about finding healthy alternatives at your destination.

Many health-conscious people travel with supplements as well, such as PhenQ. Taking a supplement like this while you’re on vacation will help burn fat and prevent additional fat storage, all while suppressing your appetite to help keep your weight and cravings under control.

Tip #5: Live a Little

You aren’t going to be as healthy on vacation as you are at home. That’s no reason to beat yourself up.

If you aim to consume two healthy meals per day and allow yourself to indulge in one meal, you aren’t going to ruin your diet or weight loss progress. You can’t enter a vacation in the mindset that you will inevitably gain weight because then you will be tempted to treat yourself at every meal.

Be flexible and stay on track to ensure your vacation doesn’t undo all your hard work.

Make Your Next Vacation as Weight-Friendly as Possible

Traveling comes with its challenges, but relaxing and giving yourself the ability to enjoy your vacation is important. With proper planning, activities, and portion control, you can do your part to ensure you don’t gain weight on vacation.

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