5 Simple Tips To Avoid Disasters When Eating Out On a Diet

5 Simple Tips To Avoid Disasters When Eating Out On a Diet

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17 Sep 2017

One of the primary reasons why diets fail is because they’re unrealistic. One great example of this is dining out. Regardless of where you live or who you are, your friends, family, and coworkers will dine out. And just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend as well.

There’s another issue: Dieters often assume that eating out means they won’t be able to stick to their healthy eating plan. Sometimes, eating one unhealthy meal prompts people to continue eating unhealthy foods. Luckily, there are some simple tips you can follow to ensure you don’t suffer a dietary disaster when eating out.

In this article, we offer 5 of the best tips to help you dine out with peace of mind.

1. Check out the menu before you go

Almost every restaurant today has their menu online, though not always the nutritional information. As a smart dieter, you must evaluate all options to determine which is the most suitable for your diet.

Decide what you’re going to order before you go to the restaurant and you’ll feel confident in your decision when you get there.

2. Find a quiet spot in the restaurant to sit

If you sit at the bar or in an area with a television – or even a window – you’ll be distracted during your meal. It’s easy to eat more than you planned to when you’re distracted.

3. Don’t be afraid to customize your order or ask questions

A menu doesn’t tell you very much about a dish. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask them! Some of these questions might include:

  • How is the dish prepared?
  • Are there any substitutions available?
  • What ingredients are used?

If you don’t like the answers to some of these questions, you may want to change the dish to suit your diet.

4. Don’t snack before the meal

While you’re going to decide what you want to order before the meal, others at your table may order an appetizer. Avoid snacking on the appetizer. Doing so will only throw your meal off track, even if you think you’ll just have one roll or a few chips.

5. Be careful with portion sizes

Even healthier options can have issues. In fact, some “lighter” options might still be packed with calories. This is usually true because restaurant meals are more than one portion.

When you order, have them take half of the order and box it up for you to take home later. This way, you won’t be tempted to overeat when it’s all still in front of you.

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Stay on track even when you eat out

Eating out doesn’t have to mean ruining your diet, even if only for a day. Instead, take the tips above into account and you’ll stay on track – and still be able to enjoy your social life as you once did!

If you need some extra support, PhenQ can help. As an appetite suppressant, PhenQ will help you stay in control of portions while boosting fat loss! Combined with the tips above, you’ll have nothing to worry about the next time you eat out.

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