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9 Healthy Eating Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Now!

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30 Aug 2017

Eating healthily can feel like a taxing task. After all, trying to find delicious recipes can be quite a challenge at times. And even after you find a recipe, it can be daunting to recreate it as it’s supposed to be made.

Instagram has revolutionized healthy eating inspiration. Hundreds of thousands of people post daily to their accounts to share inspired, healthy meals that their followers can recreate. 

This means that you no longer have to spend hours and hours searching the internet for a recipe that seems interesting. Instead, you can just check out any of the following 9 healthy eating Instagram accounts for inspiration for a quick meal that you can prepare and enjoy for days to come.

As you read through these 9 accounts, keep in mind that they might not all be full of recipes that appeal to you. Many healthy eating accounts focus on plant-based meals, while others incorporate meat, dairy, and other dietary options. Find accounts that work for you, rather than feeling as if you must follow any of the accounts we list below!

1. @beautyblends

This account is run by plant-based diet blogger Sanne van Rooij. She is a proponent of a raw food diet and creates smoothie bowls, pancakes, and vegan sweet treats that you don’t have to feel guilty about!

Smoothie bowls are a great choice for breakfast, and a smaller version works as a great snack to power you through the day. The key is to balance your nutrients wisely by incorporating fruit, greens, almond butter or nuts for protein, and healthy fats. Just watch your nutrient balance and ensure you aren’t just loading your bowl with sugar! This account is a great inspiration for how to start your day.

2. @thecrunchyradish

This account is run by Miranda Hammer, a registered dietitian who advocates a plant-forward, but not strictly plant-based, diet. Her account features meals for all times of day, and many of the recipes are great for those who don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen prepping and cooking each meal!

3. @kalememaybe

@kalememaybe is run by Carina Wolff, another Instagrammer who follows a plant-based diet, though she isn’t completely vegan.

Her account is all about clean organic ingredients. The idea behind her dishes is to use nutrient-dense ingredients as often as possible. Doing so ensures that you aren’t eating empty calories, but are instead eating meals which fuel your physical activity and nourish your body.

If you scroll down her page, you’ll notice lots of greens, healthy fats, protein, and even lean animal protein! This makes her page the perfect complement to any diet, whether you’re completely vegan or are looking for new ways to pep up the fish and other meats you already enjoy. 

4. @besmarteatsmart

This account is one of our favorites because it’s all about eating the right foods in the right proportions to achieve a healthy lifestyle and a diet you can actually keep up. It features desserts, bowls, wraps, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, and more.

If you’re looking for variety and a healthy way to do it, you’ll find it on this account!

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5. @fitmencook

If you follow a more traditional diet which includes meat, eggs, and dairy, the meal ideas on FitMenCook, run by Kevin Alexander, provide a great way to transition to a healthier diet.

His Instagram account is different from the rest because it features videos that show you how to make what’s in each post. With a variety of foods, and even some meal prep ideas for those of you who work and want to cook once and have food for several days, Kevin’s account is a great source of information and inspiration!

6. @ohsheglows

Angela Liddon’s account @ohsheglows is another account which focuses on a plant-based diet, although she isn’t strictly vegan. We love her account because she balances a wide range of healthy meals − including everything from pasta to salad − with tasty desserts that you can use to incorporate some sweet treats into a diet that’s still healthy.

She’s written a variety of cookbooks, too. If you enjoy what she posts on Instagram, this gives you another resource for even more recipes you can use to ensure you don’t have to keep eating the same meals.

7. @sproutedkitchen

@sproutedkitchen is run by Sara Forte and includes meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sara’s focus is on eating in season and using natural ingredients − including whole grains, healthy fats, and sugar alternatives − to ensure that you eat a produce-heavy diet containing a balance of nutrients.

Her focus is on keeping recipes as uncomplicated as possible to ensure that, regardless of your skill level or how much time you have, there’s always something on her Instagram account or website that you can make.

8. @nutritionstripped

McKel Hill, a registered dietitian, runs Nutrition Stripped as a resource for those who are looking for a way to eat healthily and feel amazing as a result.

The basic idea behind the account is a plant-based approach to living. If you’re looking for lighter meals − smoothies, salads, and the occasional sweet treat − this is a great account to add into your rotation!

9. @paleomg

Do you follow a more paleo-based diet? If so, Julie Bauer Roth’s account, @paleomg, is a great account to follow.

All of her meal ideas are paleo-friendly and range from breakfast through dessert, so there are always a lot of options to choose from. The best part is that if you follow a paleo diet, this takes the guesswork out of trying to decide whether or not you can or should be eating the recipes you find. You’ll already know that they’re all designed just for you!

So, which of these nine accounts will you follow first?


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