Be A Cardio Bunny! - Low Impact 20 Minute Cardio Stepping Workout

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    This easter, try a walking workout! 

    If the weather is mild, feel free to head outside and take a brisk walk with your favourite playlist or podcast playing. 

    If you’d rather work out from home, try this walking workout routine that could get you to 3000 steps in just 20 minutes!

    For this workout, alternate between marching on the spot for 1 minute, and then complete one of the exercises below for one minute.

     Start your march slowly, stay in place, and work your way up to a brisk pace!


     Step to the side


    Bounce back and forth like a boxer

    High Knees


    Lunge forward, back and to the side


    Step up and down, you can use your stairs or a small stool!


    Step to sumo squat


    Side step again

    ...this time using a resistance band!


    Step and tap your toe.

    Add some arms to get your upper body moving!


    Turn and wiggle


    Walk backwards and forwards

    Add a small hop if you feel able



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