What Are The Best Exercises For Burning Fat?

What Are The Best Exercises For Burning Fat?

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18 Jul 2019

Craig Harris

There are literally hundreds of types of exercises in the world, but which ones are the best belly fat burning exercises in existence? Lucky for you, we hunted them down and collected all the evidence together – here’s what we found.

The best belly fat burning exercises you need in your life

If you want to burn fat, a good diet is key to maintaining a calorie deficit each and every day, but by introducing the right kind of workout into your week, you can boost that calorie deficit even further, leading to faster weight loss and a more toned physique.

The important thing is to find the right exercise for you which can allow you to burn fat effectively by focussing on a combination of strength resistance exercises and cardio. True, some exercises are much more effective at calorie burning than others, but it’s also important that the exercise you choose fits in with your lifestyle – which is why we’ve collected all the options together for you to choose from. And remember, you don’t have to perform the same exercise each and every day.

There’s no harm in mixing it up a bit – in fact, your body will burn even more fat if you keep your exercise sessions varied and keep your body guessing at what’s coming next.

1 – Dancing

Dancing Exercises For Burning Fat?

It’s probably not the first exercise which sprang to your mind when we said we were going to tell you about the best exercises for burning fat, but you’d be surprised just how many calories you can burn off with an hour of dancing.

Dancing is an intense form of cardio which uses your own bodyweight, and it can be done literally anywhere with no special equipment, which is exactly why it deserves a place in this list. Wondering how many calories the various types of dancing burn off per hour? Take a look for yourself:

  • The waltz – 212 kcal
  • The Rumba – 230 kcal
  • Salsa – 344
  • Samba – 380
  • Disco – 390

Not bad for something so fun, hey? And because it’s so fun, it’s all too easy to do an hour or two of it before you even realize you’re exercising, which is another reason it’s so effective.

2 – HIIT

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most effective fat burning exercises for men and women – and you don’t even need to visit a gym to do it.

HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise which burns up to 16 calories per minute. Although this sounds incredible, it’d be quite hard going to perform HIIT for an hour at a time, and it’s not intended to be used in that way either.

The idea of HIIT is that you manage to burn the highest number of calories possible in the shortest space of time – perfect for people with a busy lifestyle looking for the best exercises for burning fat, even at home.

Just pop on some lycra, a DVD and get working out! Check out this beginners lesson to get you started:

3 – Jumping rope

Very few people realize the potential calorie burn available by simply skipping with a rope in their back garden. As crazy as it sounds, skipping is one of the best fat burning exercises you can do at home. You can actually burn between 500 – 800 calories per hour! Sounds unrealistic? Try it out. You’ll be surprised just how hard that simple activity you did on a daily basis as a child has become as an adult.

As a side note, jumping rope is frequently used as a HIIT exercise, which should tell you everything you need to know about the potential calorie burn this activity can provide.

4 – Squat jumps

This exercise may look easy, but trust me – it burns!

Squat jumps are the simple squat’s calorie blitzing older brother. Just 30 of these bad boys will burn a good 100 calories or more. Even better, you can fit them into a 10-minute work-break. Just make sure your colleagues don’t mind the smell of sweat.

5 – Planking

You probably think planking is more about building tone than burning calories, and ordinarily, you’d be right in that assumption. The key to planking to burn calories is to switch up the plank to make it more of a tone-building-cardio move. Yes, that is very possible.

Take a look at this video for a quick 6-minute fat burning planking workout:

6 – Sprinting

Sprinting for just 2 minutes can speed your metabolism up at a similar rate to that of a endurance exercise. Imagine then just how many calories you could burn throughout the week if you committed to doing 5 x 10-minute sprint sessions spread out over 7 days! The results could be astronomical.

The good thing about sprinting is that it can be done virtually anywhere. The local field, a nearby sidewalk, or even on a running machine. Literally, all you need is a good pair of trainers, perhaps a sports bra, and you’re good to go!


7 – Burpees

If you’ve never done burpees, then you’ve never truly felt physical exhaustion!

Burpees are the exercise of choice for most armed forces training, and for good reason. They torch fat and give you a hell of a cardio workout, all without the aid of a single piece of equipment. Yes, you could even perform this exercise barefoot while watching TV in your living room!

Depending on your current level of fitness and weight, a good burpees session will burn 8 – 14 calories per minute. Not bad going when you consider you could burn up to 140 calories in just 10 minutes.


8 – Push-ups

Yes, push-ups are very old school, but there’s a good reason they’ve stood the test of time in the weight loss exercise world. are a full-body workout, and once you get the hang of a simple one, there’s a whole world of variations you can do which will make you burn more calories than ever while performing this exercise.

Take a look at some of these:

Boosting your weight loss further

As we mentioned before, it’s always important to consume fewer calories than your body requires if you want to lose weight. Using a fitness tracker such as MyFitnessPal is the best way to ensure you’re maintaining a calorie deficit while eating and working out.

If you feel you need a little extra help in staving off the hunger pains along the way, there’s no shame in using a little supplementation to help. PhenQ reduces your appetite and cravings naturally at the same time as encouraging your metabolism to burn faster than it usually would, and it does all of this without any harsh ingredients or side effects. What could be better than that?

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