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How Long Should You Work Out To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals?

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02 Jul 2021

How long should a workout last? Here's what everyone needs to know about maximizing their workout time to achieve their weight loss goals!

In this article:

  • The Right Duration for Workout Sessions
  • What Happens When You Stop Exercising for a While?
  • Why Is It Important to Know How Long to Exercise?
  • When Should You Work Out?
  • Where Should You Work Out?

How Long Is a Good Workout?

The Right Duration for Workout Sessions

Your ideal workout duration depends on what your r fitness goals are. Here's a breakdown of how long a person should work out:

1. Beginners

Beginners might not need to spend as much time working out as people who have been exercising for years. A complete beginner workout routine can be as short as 30 minutes!

If you are just starting on your fitness journey, focus on deciding which exercises to perform rather than how long. Make sure to include a good mix of toning and cardio exercises for maximum calorie burning!

Also, keep in mind that it might be challenging to find time for a workout at first. A lot of beginners quit too early because they feel they just don't have enough time.

Remember that you don’t have to go to the gym to work out. Check Youtube for workout routines that you can perform from the comfort of your own home whenever you have a spare 30 minutes!

2. Muscle Gain & Toning Up

Once you have reached your goal weight, you might want to focus on building muscle to sculpt and tone your slim new figure.

If that sounds like you, limit your workout time to 45-60 minutes. Going any longer might overwork the muscles and hinder growth rather than stimulate it!

Apart from limiting your workout time, you should also apply the right set and rep ranges that stimulate muscle development.

You can lift heavier weights with low reps for the fastest results and perform more sets of each exercise with a little rest in between.

But make sure not to rest too much in between sets! Pausing for more than two minutes can cause you to cool down too much and lead to injuries.

3. Fat Loss

Woman exercising outsisde

A good weight loss workout should last for about 30 to 45 minutes and have a good mix of HIIT exercises and light to moderately heavy strength training moves.

Keep in mind that the key to weight loss is to watch your diet. Remember, it’s almost impossible to out-train over-eating!

Apart from ramping up your workout routine and following a clean diet plan, add PhenQ to your routine. It will help keep you energized and burning fat fast!

What Happens When You Stop Exercising for a While?

Going on vacation and worried about missing your workouts? You might worry about reversing your progress.

So will there be any noticeable differences after a week or so of inactivity? Most of the time, no.

Frequent gym-goers who train about four to six times weekly won't notice any physical differences after a week of training. The body might even benefit from a bit of rest!

Just keep in mind that the body feels sorer than it usually does the day after, but one can still prevent post-training soreness with stretching exercises and heat packs.

Seasoned athletes, however, may notice a slight decline in their performance after a week of inactivity. It might seem unfair, but this is because their bodies need much more maintenance than the average fitness buff does.

Why Is It Important to Know How Long to Exercise?

The truth is that the duration of one's workout is not as crucial as regulating the rest time between the sets and exercises.

By limiting your workout to 45 minutes, you won't have a choice but to perform the complete routine with very minimal breaks.

Also, a short, intense training session leaves you with a lot more time for other daily activities like commuting, socializing, studying, and working.

When Should You Work Out?

Whether one works out in the morning, afternoon, or evening has minimal effect on your weight. Schedule your training at a time you can stick to, and stay consistent!

If you have the energy to hit the gym at f6am before going to work, then so be it. On the other hand, if you feel more comfortable training at night, there's nothing wrong with that.

Where Should You Work Out?

It doesn't matter if you work out at home or in the gym. What's important is to exercise consistently and work hard during every training session.

Tip: Gym-goers who want to work out but don't have access to a fitness centre can try HIIT exercises. A lot of these can be performed using bodyweight alone so that you can do them anywhere you are.

Overall, a universal ideal workout time does not exist. You should focus on creating a well-balanced workout routine that helps you achieve your goals, challenges your body, and feels like fun instead of a chore!