Wondering What Meghan Will Eat To Get Back Into Pre-Pregnancy Shape?

Wondering What Meghan Will Eat To Get Back Into Pre-Pregnancy Shape?

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11 May 2019

It’s international mother’s day! And to celebrate, we’re taking a look at one new celeb mom who’s likely to be returning to her pre-pregnancy shape in no time thanks to her simple, easy to replicate eating rules.

There’s no doubt about it, Meghan Markle has got it all. A prince for a husband, a beautiful new baby, a royal lifestyle and more material possessions than she could ever know what to do with. Yet she still manages to maintain her lean frame.

A royal lifestyle with endless official engagements full of fancy food must be a constant temptation for the duchess, but nevertheless, she maintained a healthy weight throughout her pregnancy, and it’s likely she’ll lose any slight trace of baby weight very quickly too.

But how does she do it? Well, it turns out she lives by some very simple lifestyle rules which it just so happens you can replicate yourself with ease – duchess or not!

Getting the balance right

Meghan has always had a very well balanced diet – long before she met Prince Harry, and it’s always shown in her healthy looks and flawless skin. But what exactly does she do to maintain this? While we can’t be certain (Meghan doesn’t tend to release official statements about her diet these days), we can share with you some insights which have been given in the past to other publications to give you an idea of just how she manages her diet on a day-to-day basis:

1. Vegan weekdays

Meghan tries to eat vegan during the week. For her, this is all a part of getting the balance right. A vegan diet is extremely low in saturated fat, and naturally full of grains, so restricting any animal fats to just 2 days per week certainly goes a long way towards helping to keep unhealthy levels of fat at bay throughout the month.

Not only this, people who follow a vegan diet naturally consume more fiber – keeping you fuller for longer between meals and cutting the number of calories you consume throughout the day naturally.

As if that’s not enough, eating vegan is much more environmentally friendly – it takes 2 – 10 kilos of plants to produce just 1 kilo of animal meat after all. Think of how much less farming land we would need to utilize if everyone ate vegan 5 days a week?

2. She’s sensible about carbs

While she famously loves her carbs, she sees that as no excuse to gorge on them day after day. Everything in moderation is key here. While Meghan may love the odd portion of fries for lunch, she balances it out with healthy eating either side of it – and it’s not a daily habit of course.

What matters, again, is getting that balance right. The majority of the carbs you eat should be of the whole grain, healthy variety. If you feel the need to indulge in greasy, deep fried carb-laden foods, it should be very occasionally if you value your waistline. Of course, they shouldn’t be off the menu completely – and that’s why Meghan has it so right. She knows that banning all foods you love will only lead to gorging. Be kind, but realistic with yourself about the foods you’re eating. It should be a lifestyle choice – not a diet.

3. Hydration is key

Meghan doesn’t take the importance of hydration lightly – she makes sure she’s always got water on hand and loves to spice it up by having it hot with a slice of lemon.

Not only is water great for your skin, it’s also kind of essential if you want your metabolism to run at the correct speed. And it’s vital for all healthy life functions within the body. A healthy body doesn’t store fat of course, so it’s important we give our body the fluid it needs to run as efficiently as possible.

Healthy diet = healthy mum!

With her healthy lifestyle choices, it’s unlikely you’ll see any spare pounds sticking to Meghan for long after giving birth. And we could all learn a little something from her example.

Not banning ‘bad’ foods, eating low-nutrient food only in moderation, cutting back on animal products and staying hydrated are very simple changes which absolutely anyone can make – duchess or not! Why not give it a try this week and see how your health improves?

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