Low Calorie Snacks

20 Low Calorie Snacks You Need To Try Right Now

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13 Dec 2017

Snacking is typically demonized when you’re trying to lose weight. And if you’re eating unhealthy snacks, there’s a good reason why you shouldn’t be eating snacks. However, if you’re eating healthy, whole foods between meals, you have a lot to gain, including:

  • sustained energy
  • better recovery from exercise
  • less likelihood of overeating during meals

There’s just one problem: Most dieters don’t know which foods they should be eating between meals. Below, we’ve compiled our 20 favorite low calorie snacks, along with some reasons for our choices, to help get you started on the right foot!

1. Greek yogurt with honey – Greek yogurt, along with a dash of honey and cinnamon, is a high-protein, somewhat sweetened way to stay satisfied, especially if you’re exercising a lot!

2. Frozen grapes – tired of just eating fruit? Frozen grapes are delicious, especially in the summer! And with just 62 calories in a cup of grapes, you can feel free to indulge, even if just a little.

3. Dark chocolate banana – you’re tired of eating boring old bananas. But what about bananas with the added twist of just a hint of dark chocolate? This can keep snacktime interesting, satisfy your sweet tooth, and still give you the calories you need to make it to your next meal.

4. Nuts and your favorite berries – a handful of nuts is always a great protein-packed way to satisfy your hunger. Add in your favorite berries and can you enjoy even richer nutrients at snacktime without feeling like you’re overindulging.

5. Banana smoothie – need another way to consume fruit? A banana smoothie, made with ⅓ cup banana, ¼ cup vanilla Greek yogurt, and a small handful of ice is a great way to eat foods that you might otherwise grow tired of.

6. Cucumber salad – salads aren’t just for meals! They make great snacks, too. Just take one large cucumber and cut it into thin slices. Toss with red onion and apple cider vinegar – and maybe even some dill or another herb – and you’ve got yourself a low calorie snack for when you’re feeling hungry.

7. Sweet potato – sweet potatoes make for great snacks, especially when flavored with your favorite spices. If you’re at work, poke some holes in the potato and microwave it for 5 to 6 minutes, mash in a bowl, and sprinkle cinnamon, curry spice, or another spice on top. Sweet, healthy, and satisfying!

8. Peanut butter and apples – high in protein, peanut butter is another great snack. Simply slice an apple from the top down and wedge peanut butter, and even granola, between the layers!

9. Homemade date bars – if you’re looking for a vegan twist on snacktime, you can make your own fruit and nut bars at home. Using just dates, nuts, and fruit, you can create a protein-packed bar that tastes good and is so simple to make! You can even add spices – like cinnamon – cacao, or vanilla to add a distinct flavor to your bars.

10. Spicy baked chickpeas – tired of fruit and bars as snacks? Roasted chickpeas are a great protein-packed alternative. If you like them spicy, add cayenne and chilli powder for a kick and an exciting flavor. Eat these in place of chips for a nutrient-dense way to snack your way to a healthier you!

11. Balsamic vegetables – balsamic reduction is a great way to flavor vegetables rather than trying to eat them plain. Just take 3 cups of raw pepper, slice them, dip, and you’re ready to go!

12. Carrots and hummus – you can pair almost any crunchy vegetable with hummus and still feel satisfied. Just add the vegetables to 2 tablespoons of your favorite variety of hummus – preferably oil-free – for a low calorie snack you’ll reach for again and again.

13. Spicy black beans – if you’re looking for something a bit different, add black beans with 1 tablespoon of salsa to just a dash of Greek yogurt. This adds some heat, and some creaminess, to a protein-rich snack!

14. Apples and cheese – apples are a great snack because they’re so versatile. Just take a small portion of your favorite cheese and either spread or layer it onto apple slices.

15. Tropical cottage cheese – cottage cheese is another high-protein snack, but it can get boring! Combine cottage cheese with chopped mango and pineapple for a sweet kick to this otherwise typical snack.

16. Trail mix – trail mixes from the grocery store are typically packed with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. By making your own from almonds, some dark chocolate, and raisins, you can feel good about this healthy, semi sweet mix.

17. Kale chips – remove kale from the stems, drizzle with olive oil, and bake until crisp! This is a more interesting way to get your greens!

18. Greek tomatoes – combine chopped fresh tomatoes with feta and fresh lemon juice. Some people even add basil for more flavor!

19. Edamame – boiled edamame with just a dash of soy sauce is a tasty way to enjoy some Asian flair at snacktime.

20. Fruit chips – you can make chips out of a lot of different fruits – apples and bananas, to name a few – by slicing them really thinly and putting them in a low oven for a long period of time. You may even want to invest in a food dehydrator so you can enjoy fruit chips faster and easier!

Snacking doesn’t have to ruin your diet – do it right and lose weight!

It’s typical for dieters, even smart dieters, to think that they can’t snack if they want to lose weight. However, this isn’t the case! When you reach for any of the low calorie snacks above, you’re doing yourself a massive favor, not a disservice.

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