5 Best Post Workout Meals

5 Best Post Workout Meals That Can Help You Lose Weight

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19 Oct 2016

Most people assume that what they eat before a workout matters, as they believe it will affect the quality of their performance. However, what many don’t consider is the importance of what they eat after a workout.

Post workout nutrition serves three main purposes:

  • It replenishes glycogen stores in the body, giving you energy.
  • It decreases muscle protein breakdown, helping to preserve available muscle energy.
  • It repairs damage incurred during the workout, strengthening your muscles.

You can’t just eat anything and expect to fulfill all three aims. Instead, you need a meal rich in both carbohydrates – for energy, and protein – for protection and repair. The five meal ideas below are packed with both to maximize the results of your hard work.

Best post workout meals for weight loss and muscle building

Greek Yogurt

1: Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is rich in both carbohydrates and protein, making it the perfect post workout snack. Add blueberries or other berries for extra nutrients that have been shown to reduce muscle soreness.

2: Wholegrain Sandwhich

Wholegrain breads and wraps are packed with complex carbohydrates that re-energize the body following a workout. Add your favorite lean meat for protein and some vegetables or other grains, and you have a healthy snack that boosts your efforts in the gym.

3: Grilled Lean Meat And Vegetables

Vegetables are rich in carbohydrates, and lean meat is a great source of protein. Combine the two and you have a filling, nutrient-dense meal that will have you feeling great after the gym.

4: Vegetable Omelette

You know eggs are a great source of protein, but by introducing satiating carbs and fats in the form of vegetables and avocado, you’ll have a healthy, power-packed meal that will provide all the benefits mentioned above.

5: Fruit

If you’re reaching for yogurt, you should add some fruit in the bowl too. Fruit is loaded with easily digestible carbohydrates and enzymes that make the nutrients consumed more easily accessible to the body. Add your favorite source of protein, whether it’s yogurt or something else entirely, and you’ll have the perfect post workout meal.

You Work Hard at the Gym, and Your Food Should Work Hard Too

Each of these post workout meal ideas is perfect when you want to re-energize and maximize results. You may even add a comprehensive supplement like PhenQ to boost energy levels further while suppressing your appetite and burning even more calories or you may wish to try our Meal Replacement Shakes. 

So, what will you reach for after the gym? Choose any of these 5 options and you’ll be in good shape!

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