8 Easy Food Swaps To Save Calories

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    Switch out those high cal food choices with these tasty alternatives – you’ll never notice they’re lower calorie!

    When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be really frustrating to be faced with food options that you know will blow your calories for the day. Who wants to eat like a monk just because they’re on a diet?

    Lower calorie food swaps

    We think life’s too short to eat like a fitness influencer (hey, at least they’re getting paid to food prep!) Here’s our go-to list of lower calorie swaps for some of your favourite meals and snacks.

    Turkey mince

    Making a family-favourite like spag bol or chilli? Swap rich beef mince for turkey mince. It’s amazingly low in fat, higher in protein, and once you add all the spices and tomato you won’t notice the difference!


    Chicken breast


    You can save a surprising number of calories by choosing a different cut of meat. Chicken breast is less fatty – and therefore less calorific – than thighs. If you’re trying to snip calories, make the swap.

    Bulk up with beans

    Rice is nice, but it packs a lot of carbohydrate calories in every spoonful. Next time you’re making a rice dish or side, go half-and-half rice and beans (or lentils). You’ll save on calories and add some extra protein too.

    Egg whites

    Eggs are a brilliant source of protein, but a lot of the calories are in the yolk. If you’re making an omelette or scrambled eggs, simply get rid of one or more yolks so you bump up the ratio of whites-to-yolks.

    Super smoothies


    Hot weather got you craving an ice-cream? Us too… Here’s what we do to hit that creamy cold craving with a smidgen of the calories. Put ice cubes, frozen berries, a few banana chunks, and a scoop of protein powder in a blender. Don’t like protein powder? Use 100g 0% Greek yoghurt instead. Blend blend blend, and top with a few dark chocolate shavings or some chopped nuts. Ice-cream sundae without the sugars and calories!

    0% Greek yoghurt


    Go for real Greek yoghurt (not Greek-style) and opt for 0%. Add berries, fruit, protein powder, or a sprinkle of granola for a high-protein snack that will fill you up without excess calories.

    Zero-sugar jelly


    Shhh, don’t tell everyone this dieting super-secret! Whip up a batch of zero-sugar jelly and crush your sweet tooth with no impact on your calorie intake. Add berries or eat with a spoonful of frozen smoothie to indulge your inner child.

    Bagel thins

    Do you worry that your bagel habit is standing in the way of your weight loss goals? Traditional bagels contain a surprising amount of carbohydrates for their size. Stock up on bagel thins and enjoy your favourite savoury snack at a fraction of the calories.

    Use these smart swaps to smash your weight loss target – we’re full of ideas to help you get to your goal.