How Fast Can You Lose Weight on Keto?

How Fast Can You Lose Weight on Keto?

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24 Feb 2019

If you’re comparing different diet options, then you may be wondering – how fast can you lose weight on keto diet? It’s seen a surge in popularity in recent years and replaced Atkins as the low-carb diet of choice.

But is it really an effective option for reaching your health goals? How long does it take to lose weight on keto? And will the weight stay off long-term? In this article, we look at the research behind keto weight loss to address all of these common questions.

How long does it take to lose weight on keto?

Following a keto diet involves reducing your intake of carbohydrates. This forces your body to burn other sources of fuel such as fat. Most people start to lose weight immediately and notice significant decreases in the first week. This then tapers off to a steadier rate over the medium to long-term. However, the precise length of time it’ll take to reach your goals will depend on how much weight you want to lose.

The first 1-2 weeks

It’s common for keto weight loss to happen most rapidly during the first 1-2 weeks. This is actually water weight that’s being lost rather than body fat but it does contribute to a smaller frame and lower number on the scales. So, if you’re wondering how fast you can lose weight on keto, the answer is = quickly.

The reason for this is that carbohydrate is stored with 4x its weight in water molecules attached to it. Reducing your carb intake forces your body to use these stores (known as glycogen) which releases the water that it’s bound to. So, even if you’re burning through a relatively small amount of stored carbs, the additional water it releases is what produces the significant weight loss.

How much weight can you lose in a month?

After the initial burst of weight loss, the rate will steady to around 1-2 pounds (0.5-1kg) per week. During this time, your body adapts to the lack of carbohydrate and begins switching to fat as its primary fuel source. This is when you begin specifically losing body fat rather than general body mass.

Research has shown that the keto diet is more effective than low-fat alternatives when it comes to losing weight. Different studies have produced varying amounts of weight loss, from 3.5lbs to 0.8lbs per week. But they all show that people lose the most amount of weight during the initial 2-3 months.

What about long-term results?

Like any diet, the keto approach is only effective long-term if you continue to stick with it. It’s normal for weight loss to slow as you lose body mass and require fewer calories. So, it’s important to revisit your calorie needs on a regular basis and reduce portion sizes as your body becomes smaller.

If you adopt the keto approach to eating as a lifestyle change instead of a diet, then you’re more likely to achieve permanent results. You won’t put the weight back on if you continue to eat healthily and limit your carb intake.

Factors that affect keto weight loss speed

There are several factors that can affect how fast you lose weight on keto. Everyone is different so your weight loss will be unique to you. However, some of the factors are controllable which means you can shift the odds in your favor.

1 – Body composition

The amount of fat and muscle you have will affect your rate of keto weight loss. People who have a lot of excess weight are likely to notice more rapid decreases in the early stages. Those with a high amount of muscle mass will have a faster metabolism so may notice quicker results too.

2 – Fat adaption

It takes time for your body to adapt to running on fat instead of carbs. This is especially true if you’ve relied on a typical western diet of cereal, bread, and pasta for a long time. This adaption time will be different for everyone, but the shorter it is, the quicker you’ll lose weight.

3 – Lifestyle habits

Exercising and avoiding alcohol will both speed up your weight loss results. Being careful to eat ‘clean’ keto foods rather than junk will also produce quicker fat loss. Avoiding hidden carbs will keep your body in ketosis for longer so that you burn fat more consistently. If you find that the lack of carbs is leaving you feeling hungry then an appetite suppressant like PhenQ can help. It’ll reduce food cravings so that you aren’t tempted to snack and can maintain ketosis for longer.

4 – Overall health

Other health factors can also influence how quickly you lose weight. Being insulin resistant, having thyroid problems, or a slow metabolism can all mean that you lose weight more slowly. It won’t stop you from achieving your goals – it just means that it might take a little longer.

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Summary – How fast can you lose weight on keto?

Keto weight loss happens very quickly in the beginning because your body is losing water rather than fat. Once your carbohydrate stores are depleted, your body will switch to fat as its primary fuel source and you’re likely to lose 1-2lbs (0.5-1kg) per week. Sticking with the low-carb approach and adapting your calorie intake to meet decreasing needs will help you reach your goal weight and maintain it long-term.

It’s also important to recognize that not all progress can be measured on the scales. Improving your eating habits and doing more exercise will benefit your overall health as well as your waistline. You’ll probably have more energy, fewer cravings, and a clearer mind as a result.

You may notice that your skin, hair, and nails all start to look noticeably better because fewer carbs mean fewer sugars in your body. Reduced inflammation and a lower risk of diseases like CVD and cancer are also valuable long-term benefits. So, in addition to looking and feeling better, you’ll also be improving your health for the future.

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