Valentine's Day: Low-Cal Swaps that you’ll love

Valentine's Day: Low-Cal Swaps that you’ll love

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09 Feb 2023

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and even if you don’t have a date, it’s a great day to spend time with those you love. Like most big days, there’s the added pressure and excitement of preparing a meal.

But if you’re on a weight-loss goal, how do you make it through Valentine’s Day without taking a step backward?

Just because food is low-calorie doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it as much. You can eat plenty of delicious low-calorie alternatives without spoiling the romance. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite low-calorie swaps to help you enjoy the day without sacrificing your goals. 

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    Champagne vs. Wine

    Champagne vs. Wine

    Who doesn’t love a glass of red or white with your meal? 

    But, a large glass of wine has around 220 calories on average - which alongside your meal, could easily push you over your calorie limit for the day. 

    So, why not swap it out for a glass of bubbly? 

    Champagne, on average, has around 80 calories per glass. Plus, bubbly drinks usually make people drink slower and feel full quicker- so you’re less likely to overconsume. Good news for your waistline and your head the following day. 

    And champagne is just as good for your heart health as red wine, as it contains both red and white grapes. Win! Win!

    Or, you can swap out the alcoholic drinks altogether and drink an alcohol-free alternative, such as Nosecco sparkling wine, which has approximately 28 calories. 

    Sushi vs. 3-course meal


    Prepping a romantic meal doesn't mean falling off the wagon. Creating a home-cooked meal that is delicious, nutritious and a little bit special is totally possible. 

    In fact, cooking anything from scratch is a much lower cal option than eating out or ordering a takeaway. So you could opt to re-create your favorite meal at home or make a fakeaway which will naturally be a lower calorie option.  

    However, another good way to reduce calories is to swap out a three-course meal for some sushi. It’s delicious, healthy and contains all the essential macro-nutrients, making it a very balanced dish. 

    You could buy the sushi, or why not make it part of the night’s activities and make your own? 

    You can buy kits from your local grocery store or AmazonMaking it at home allows you to include what you like and make it healthier. 

    To make it low-cal, we recommend adding some veggies and fish - and avoiding the extra sauces and dips. 

    Plus, sushi is a fairly light meal; it won’t sit in your stomach - so if you’ve got some extra-curricular activities planned for later on (if you know what we mean), you won’t feel too full.

    Chocolate cake vs. Chocolate Strawberries

    Chocolate Strawberries

    Nothing says romance quite like the original aphrodisiac - chocolate-covered strawberries. In Ancient Rome, strawberries were considered the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love, because of their bright red color and taste, and later became a sign of fertility. 

    Yes, we might all love a big slab of chocolate cake, cheesecake or whatever your preference is. But, on average, a slice of chocolate cake has around 370 calories per slice - which isn’t great if you’re on a weight loss journey. 

    In comparison, one serving of chocolate strawberries has about 53 calories, plus it will help you get some extra fiber and fruit into your diet. So, all in all a much better option for those looking to lose weight. 


    If you’re on a weight loss journey, any holiday can throw up a lot of challenges around food, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

    It’s possible to have delicious, romantic meals that don’t break your daily calorie allowance - you just have to get a little creative with your options. 

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