Low Carb vs Low Fat: Which Diet Causes Faster Weight Loss?

Low Carb vs Low Fat: Which Diet Causes Faster Weight Loss?

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21 Aug 2017

For years, dieters have touted low carb diets, crediting them for their weight loss. However, most low carb diets work for the same reason other diets work: they involve cutting calories, which naturally leads to weight loss.

As time has gone on, low fat diets have emerged as another way to lose weight. This has dieters wondering which is better for weight loss − low carb or low fat?

According to recent research, low fat diets might have the edge, but not for everyone.

Why low fat diets might be more effective than low carb diets

The reason low fat diets might work better than low carb diets is best summarized in a recent study of obese people. In the study, 19 obese people were fed 2,700 calories per day. Then, all participants cut their caloric intake by one-third by reducing their daily intake of either carbohydrates or fat.

The study’s results speak for themselves: After just six days, those who reduced their fat intake lost an average of 463 grams of body fat, whereas those who cut carbs lost an average of 245 grams of body fat.

Why low carb diets might be more effective than low fat diets

In the real world, outside of a controlled laboratory environment like that in the study above, low carb diets still work. The reason? Low carb diets also involve cutting out calories, as mentioned before.

Also, consuming healthy fats − like those found in avocados, nuts, nut butters, and olive oil, among other sources − can actually promote fat loss. So this isn’t to say that cutting carbs is the wrong route to weight loss. It may not be wrong at all.

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So, which diet should you follow?

Because the evidence is largely inconclusive as to whether cutting fats or cutting carbs is more effective for weight loss, you can theoretically choose either method and still lose weight. It’s more important to choose a diet that you can keep up in the long term to ensure that, regardless of which option you select, it will work for you.

If you enjoy high fat foods it’s better to choose a low carb diet and vice versa. It’s important to realistically consider your food preferences before deciding which diet to follow.

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Cut fat or cut carbs and cut weight

There’s no right answer to dieting because everything diet-related is so personal. You could eat the same low carb or low fat diet as someone else and have different results entirely. As such, it’s important that you find a diet that you enjoy, and that you can sustain, so you aren’t left wanting to change it up at a later date.

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