Staying Motivated To Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

6 Tips For Staying Motivated To Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

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05 Sep 2022

You’ve finally got time and space to look after yourself – here’s how you can stay fired up and focused until you hit your weight loss goals.

Congratulations on setting that fitness target. It’s so exciting to feel like you have the time and energy to dedicate to yourself. But we all know it can be tricky to stay on track.

We hate phrases like “falling off the wagon”, but it’s definitely demotivating to feel like you need to start all over again. Luckily there are some pretty easy ways to stay motivated which will massively increase your chances of getting to your goal.

The best way to set goals

The science of goal setting has changed so much in recent years. We now know that the best way to be successful is to choose personal goals that really resonate with your values. Make sure you know why you want to achieve this goal. Think about what it will mean, how life will look, and how you’ll feel. Write all this down in a journal or on your phone so you can refer back to it.

Keep yourself accountable

Woman joggingAccountability makes the difference between staying motivated and fading away when things get challenging. If you’ve got a PT or coach, you’ve got accountability built in to your journey. If not, choose someone who is happy to gently keep you accountable. It needs to be someone you feel comfortable with, trust, and respect. A friend or family member who’s already achieved something similar will be ideal.

Make it public

Social media

There’s nothing more motivating than seeing your progress (and eventually your goal) in public. Consider sharing your weight loss or fitness journey on social media, on a blog, or via regular private updates with mates on a WhatsApp chat. Choose the level of public that’s right for you.

Buddy up

Weight loss friends

Friends make everything better! Can you find a workout buddy, walking partner, or diet friend to share the journey? Knowing she’s there for you (and vice versa) will make the entire process feel easier and more rewarding.

Be your best hype girl

Calorie counting

Talking about rewards, do make sure you acknowledge your progress. Don’t save all the celebrations for your final goal. Keep track of key numbers relating to your weight loss or fitness progress, but also note significant things like habit changes. Reward yourself with non-food treats to keep motivation high.

Enjoy the process

Have you heard about process vs outcome goals? One focuses on the pleasure of learning and growing along the way, and the other only looks at the final destination. You’ve already set an outcome goal – be sure to set process goals too so you can really appreciate how far you’ve come.

We love nothing more than seeing women achieve goals that make them happier and healthier. Stick with it - we’re in your corner.