6 Tips to Lose Weight Over Easter

6 Tips to Lose Weight Over Easter

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11 Apr 2022

Eat eggs for breakfast

Eggs are rich in protein and healthy fats, which will keep you full and satisfied for longer.

We recommend you try:

  • An omelette with low-fat cheese, chopped veggies and ham
  • Avocado toast topped with poached eggs
  • Scrambled eggs, cooked in a non-stick pan and easy on the butter

Reduce the calories in your meals

There’s no reason to deprive yourself this Easter, but you can make some healthy swaps to reduce the calories.

  • Swap mashed potato with butter and sour cream for a baked potato
  • Choose lean cuts of meat for your main dishes
  • Steam your veggies intead of sauteing and frying
  • Opt for light starters like soups and salads

Practice portion control

Have a look at the serving size on your favourite Easter candy - we bet you it’s not the whole bag! 

Try to eat only one serving at a time, and save the rest for the next time you’re craving a treat.

If you struggle with snacking on candy, treat it like a dessert rather than a snack. This will limit the number of times per day that you’d naturally reach for the treats.

Join your kids in an egg hunt!

Don’t just hide the eggs this year. 

Have a look in your local newspaper for egg hunts in your town that you can take the whole family to instead of organising one yourself if you are short on time. 

Get moving and join in the fun. You’ll take way more steps than you realise when you aren’t just walking for the sake of walking! 

Be mindful of your alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol can weaken your willpower and make you more prone to breaking your diet, so be mindful of how much you drink. 

If you drink spirits, make sure to use a diet soda or flavoured sparkling water as your mixer to reduce the sugar content. 

If you prefer wine, choose red wine over white for the lowest calories. A typical Pinot Noir only has 123 calories per glass and is naturally low in sugar. 

Get back on track

The best diet of all is the one you can stick to.

Instead of going wild over the weekend and then heavily restricting yourself come Monday, plan to stick to your diet with a few extra treats guilt-free at Eater. 

Plan some healthy meals for the following week, then go to the grocery store to stock up on snacks and ingredients that fit your diet.

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