How To Ensure You Eat Enough While Taking PhenQ

How To Ensure You Eat Enough While Taking PhenQ

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06 Sep 2017

Some dietary supplements promise to suppress your appetite and do − like PhenQ. And, while this may not seem like a problem to you, it can be.

After all, under-eating is not a solution for weight loss. In fact, under-eating doesn’t cause weight loss; it can often work in opposition to your goals and force you to retain, or even gain, weight.

PhenQ can suppress your appetite significantly. For some dieters who take it, it suppresses their appetite to the point where they need to be reminded to eat regular meals. Here are some of the best tips you can follow to ensure that when you take PhenQ, you’re still eating regular meals and are choosing the right foods when you do.

Schedule your meals

It’s important to eat on a regular schedule. This not only promotes a healthier diet, but will help to guarantee that regardless of how hungry you feel, you’re eating regular meals. This might mean a number of smaller meals per day, or three larger meals per day. It’s important to experiment and determine what works best for you.

The key is planning ahead. When you plan ahead for what you’re going to eat and when, it’s easier not only to eat, but to eat the right kinds of food. Meal prepping is a great way to support a regular eating schedule, too. When you meal prep, you’ll have food already with you. As a result, you can eat at the time you usually do without having to go find food at a restaurant nearby.

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What to eat

It can be a physical challenge to eat when you aren’t hungry. As such, it’s important that you consider what you’re eating so that you don’t feel too full and are getting the nutrients you need to support weight loss.

Here are just some of the many foods you should include in your diet:

  1. Vegetables − vegetables are nutrient-dense but not calorie-dense. By adding greens and other vegetables to every meal, you can ramp up the nutritional value without ramping up the calories. Vegetables can be very filling, too. This means that you could have smaller meals that are mostly veg to stay satisfied throughout the day.

  2. Lean protein − the best sources of lean protein include skinless chicken or turkey, lean ground beef, beans and lentils, some fish, and soy, like tofu.

  3. Whole grains − you should round out your meals with whole grains, like brown rice and quinoa. If you aren’t that hungry, you should use these grains sparingly. But when you’re eating bigger meals, grains are a great way to add some nutrients without adding fat or other macros to your meal.

Enjoy dieting success with PhenQ!

PhenQ isn’t just another dietary supplement − it’s your guaranteed way to lose weight and have the energy you need for physical activity.

By incorporating the meal schedule and balance of foods above into your diet, you can experience your own success with PhenQ, regardless of its effect on your appetite!


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