Why Losing Weight Takes So Long

Why Losing Weight Takes So Long

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22 Oct 2017

Every smart dieter trying to lose weight wants results as quickly as possible. Some turn to extreme diets or exercise routines to do so. However, the age-old adage holds true: If you want to lose weight and keep it off, slow is best. But why?

Read on to learn why losing weight takes so long, why the best weight loss takes time, and the implications of slow weight loss for future weight maintenance.

Why Losing Weight takes a long time

It’s easy to put weight on, and you can do so quickly. But when it becomes time to take it off, you must be patient.

The primary reason weight loss takes time is because the body must survive, and function, during the weight loss period. If you make dramatic cuts to your caloric intake, or otherwise disturb your typical physical environment, your body will probably panic. If you deprive yourself of half the calories you used to eat, your body will only store more calories away, preparing for potential food shortages.

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Because the body is always in a state of preservation, losing weight slowly is the key to success. Slow weight loss doesn’t disturb major organ systems, nor does it alarm the body to the point of panic.

Moreover, weight loss will depend on a number of factors in your life. Some of these factors – including sleep, stress, and lifestyle choices like activity – all affect how long weight loss will take. As such, it’s best to strike a slow, steady balance in your weight loss and be realistic with your goals.

Why slow weight loss is the best weight loss

Fad diets, extreme physical activity, or other drastic, unhealthy measures won’t lead to sustainable weight loss. Instead, they’ll lead to dramatic initial weight loss, followed by dramatic weight gain once you can no longer sustain the diet or exercise routine that produced the initial results.

Slow, calculated weight loss, that works with the body rather than against it, is the simplest, most logical way to sustain weight loss for a period of time and keep the weight off. Moreover, slow weight loss, approximately 0.5 to 1 kilo per week, is a great way to keep morale high without sacrificing your ability to make it through the day, play with your children, or excel at your job.

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No weight loss is worth a sacrifice that makes it difficult to function. By balancing a healthy diet and exercise, you can achieve the results you want – and keep them.

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It isn’t enjoyable to wait for weight loss, but it’s the best way to achieve your weight loss goals and maintain your results for years to come!