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Lumen Reviews: What is it, and does it work?

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02 Jun 2023

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  1. What is the Lumen Device
  2. What is the Lumen Device?
  3. Is the Lumen device effective?
  4. What are the alternatives?
  5. Lumen Metabolism Tracker Review

    The Lumen metabolism tracker has burst onto the weight loss scene in recent years. Once used only by athletes, it is now available for the rest of us so that we can ‘hack our metabolism’ by improving our metabolic flexibility. 

    So is Lumen the answer to our weight loss woes? 

    Read our lumen review to find out.

    What is the Lumen metabolism tracker?

    Lumen is a hand-held device that uses your breath to measure your metabolic rate. It feeds information into an app that gives you feedback on how to adjust your diet to improve your energy levels and help you lose weight.

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    It does this by measuring the level of CO2 in your breath based on the respiratory exchange ratio i.e. the amount of CO2 being produced vs the amount of O2 being consumed. 

    From this, it decides whether you are using fat or carbohydrates to burn energy at that moment in time. The science is based around “metabolic flexibility,” i.e. “the ability of the human body to switch back and forth between fat and carbohydrates based on their availability”. -

    What does the Lumen app do?

    Lumen claims that following their program will improve metabolic flexibility meaning you will spend more time in fat-burn mode. The Lumen app will tell you when to eat high-carb meals when to have a low-carb meal and when to utilize intermittent fasting. This trains your body to be better at switching to fat-burning mode, helping you lose weight.

    The Lumen app provides a daily nutrition plan tailored to your body, telling you the best time to eat your meals. It also gives you insights into how your metabolism is performing throughout the day. After a few weeks, you will start to receive a lumen flex score which tells you how efficient your body is at switching from burning carbs to burning fat.

    Alongside supporting weight loss, the Lumen app also supports you to:

    • Get more sleep
    • Improve your workout performance
    • Increase lean body mass
    • Feel more energized
    • Improve your overall health and long-term metabolic health

    Is the Lumen device effective?

    With a Trustpilot rating of 4.7 (at the time of writing), Lumen is undoubtedly an effective weight loss tool for many people. Studies (backed by Lumen’s parent company) do show that the science really works, but more studies are needed to fully gauge its effectiveness. 

    Most find it very easy to get up and use, which is a great start. It can help make following your diet plan easier by motivating you and helping you eat the right foods at the right times. This will help you stave off cravings, energy dips and hunger - the main challenges for anyone trying to lose weight. 

    However, most users comment on the high level of commitment needed to make it work. The more you use it, the better the data.It is worth considering how often you will have time or remember to do the breathalyzer test throughout the day. 

    With any health product from smart watches to personalized nutrition plans, its effectiveness depends on whether you actually follow the advice given. 

    Sure, the Lumen app can tell you exactly what you should be eating, but that won’t stop you from tucking into a large pizza instead of grilled chicken and veggies. 

    And who could blame you?

    What are the drawbacks of the Lumen metabolism tracker?

    There are a few challenges when it comes to Lumen:

    • You are sometimes asked to retake the breath tests, which can be time-consuming.
    • You have to use it every day, multiple times per day, for optimum results.
    • It takes two weeks before it starts to give good data.
    • Not suitable for short-term weight loss goals, i.e., losing weight for your upcoming vacation 
    • It’s expensive and requires an annual subscription.
    • Current research suggests that exercise has much more of an impact on metabolic flexibility than nutrition.

    What are the alternatives to the Lumen app?

    There are many other weight loss aids available on the market: smart watches and chest strap trackers are popular with fitness enthusiasts. You could also work with a dietician or personal trainer to create a nutritional plan - the effectiveness of this will depend on their qualifications and experience. 

    Another easy-to-use option is dietary supplements. There are thousands available to buy, so it’s important to do your research and find a product with proven results.

    PhenQ is a powerful slimming formula with several highly effective ingredients that burn fat, block fat production, suppress your appetite, improve your mood, and give you more energy. All of this leads to excellent weight loss results for our customers.

    Lumen review

    So is the Lumen Metabolism Tracker worth it? 

    The answer depends on your budget, your time and your level of commitment to using the product. It costs up to $349 per year to use the device and a serious daily commitment to really get the most out of it.

    It also depends on your goal. The Lumen device improves your long-term metabolic health to help you sustain a healthy weight. It isn’t a quick fix.

    Can you use the Lumen device alongside PhenQ? Absolutely; this will help you boost your metabolism in two different directions. Whether you can do both will come down to your budget and time.

    Both PhenQ and the Lumen metabolic tracker have the same goal; improving your metabolic efficiency and helping you burn fat. They just do this by different mechanisms. Both can have brilliant reviews and results if used consistently for a number of months alongside a healthy diet.

    If you take advantage of our best deal, PhenQ is similar in price to Lumen for over a year. It’s a much smaller commitment - you must take two pills daily. So if you are choosing between the two, the major thing to keep in mind is how much time you have throughout the day.