10 Non Scale Victories to Look Out for When Losing Weight

10 Non Scale Victories to Look Out for When Losing Weight

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09 Dec 2018

Losing weight is a process and unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen as quickly as we’d like. Despite our best efforts to eat well and exercise consistently, sometimes the scales just don’t reflect all our hard work. This can be incredibly demotivating when you’ve worked so hard to do everything right and resisted temptations all week long. It just doesn’t seem fair that your efforts don’t feel like they’re being rewarded.

The good news is you’re probably making a lot more progress than you think. The scales will only tell you your overall weight. They won’t tell you how much fat you’ve lost or how much muscle you’ve gained. They won’t show that your blood pressure has decreased or that your risk of chronic diseases has fallen. And they can’t measure the extra energy you have to play with your kids or to do things with friends. So, if you’re feeling disappointed by your scales, here are 10 non scale victories to look out for when losing weight. Have you noticed these yet?

1- Your stomach no longer sticks out of the bath water

Nothing beats a relaxing bath… until you lay down and notice that your stomach is sticking out of the bath water. Despite your best efforts, it’s impossible to ignore and can really put a downer on bath time. But the moment you lay down and notice that your belly is completely covered by water and no longer sticks out… THAT is a non scale victory to be proud of!

2- Your jeans no longer come with a muffin top

Jeans are an everyday fashion staple for most of us, yet excess weight can lead to a slight bulge over the waist (aka the muffin top). But as you start to lose weight and reduce bloating, you’ll quickly notice that your jeans fit that bit better and there’s no longer a draughty overhang.

3 – Your rings keep slipping off

No-one wants to lose jewelry, especially if it’s a wedding ring or one with special meaning. But there’s still something weirdly satisfying when you find that your ring keeps slipping off because you’ve lost weight from your fingers! Just be sure to get the ring resized ASAP before you lose it.

4 – Lifting luggage is a piece of cake

Have you ever struggled to lift your luggage into the overhead lockers on an airplane? Or off the conveyor belt at baggage reclaim? It can feel pretty embarrassing, especially if you have to accept help from a random stranger and feel everyone in the queue staring. But that moment you powerlift your case overhead and straight into the storage bin is priceless (and makes all those barbell exercises in the gym worthwhile).

5 – Doing up your bra doesn’t cause skin rolls

Bras can be uncomfortable at the best of times, but they’re extra annoying when they displace the skin around them. Excess weight can look like rolls either side of your bra line and make us feel self-conscious in tight tops. But even if your scales aren’t reflecting your weight loss, your bra will often be a great indicator of your progress. You might even find that you drop a bra size before you drop a dress size, making it much easier to exercise!

6 – Your skin and hair look better than ever

One of the upsides of a healthier lifestyle is enjoying shinier hair and clearer skin. Eating more fruits and vegetables nourishes your body with vitamins and minerals so that you look healthier on the outside too. Reducing sugar intake from cakes and pastries often results in fewer spots and a clearer complexion so you feel like the best version of yourself.

7 – You can see your feet in the shower (without leaning forward)

If you’re carrying excess weight then you might not have seen your feet in a while. It happens to many of us at some point or another, especially women since we tend to have smaller feet. It’s something we quickly get used to and stop noticing after a while. But that moment you’re standing in the shower and find that you can see your feet again is just awesome!

8 – Other people pay you compliments

Other people often notice our weight loss before we do ourselves since they don’t see us as often. They’ll pick up on small changes if they haven’t seen us for a week or so, yet we’ll often not have appreciated the changes ourselves. The moment someone pays you a compliment can be a fantastic motivator and make you realize that all the hard work really is making a difference.

9 – Your thighs no longer chafe when you wear a swimming costume

Wearing a swimming costume in public is many women’s worst nightmare. But wearing one and feeling your thighs chafe as you walk can really dent your confidence. Eating well and exercising regularly will soon put that to rest as you notice your thighs toning up and becoming more defined. Walking alongside the pool and not feeling embarrassed about your body after years of hiding away is an amazing feeling.

10 – It just starts feeling ‘easier’

A non scale victory that people often underestimate is simply when it starts to feel easier. You get fewer cravings and find that exercise becomes more manageable. You’re no longer out of breath at the top of the stairs or just from walking to the shops. You don’t want to eat chocolate on a daily basis and actually start to look forward to that fruit salad. This can be the moment where everything changes and you realize you’ve adopted a healthy lifestyle instead of a diet mentality.

Get a little help along the way

All of these non scale victories are really motivating, but sometimes we want the process to be just a little faster. That’s where supplemental help can boost our progress.

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What are your favorite non-scale victories? We all love to hear about them! Share them with our readers in the comments below – who knows, you may just motivate someone else to work towards the same healthy goals!

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