Compare Your Weight Loss Results to Objects to See Progress

Compare Your Weight Loss Results to Objects to See Progress

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20 Mar 2024

We’ve all been disappointed by our weight loss results at some point in time. Maybe you’ve eaten super-healthily all week but the scales don’t reflect your efforts. Or you’ve hit the gym hard and done a few back-to-back classes but aren’t noticing any difference in your dress size.

This kind of situation can be really demotivating and can lead to a downward spiral if left unchecked. But there are lots of ways to switch up your mindset and turn your disappointment into meaningful progress, like comparing your weight loss to the equivalent of a gallon of water. In this article, we look at one way to do this – using everyday household objects to visualize the weight loss to objects.

Using household objects as weight loss motivation

If you’re trying really hard to lose weight, it can be really disappointing when you don’t see results. Dieters can get deflated when they fail to see the weight loss they’ve achieved reflected in photos or better fitting clothes. This can be even tougher if you’re trying to lose a significant amount of weight.

We tend to lose weight equally from all parts of the body which means that it can take a while to notice results, similar to slowly removing 4 gallons of water from your weight bit by bit. Although the total amount lost might be a lot, it translates to a small amount from each part of the body, which means the changes are often less apparent than we’d like, similar to when you lose weight equivalent to a gallon of water.

Another issue is that we’re simply less able to notice changes in ourselves. We see our reflection in the mirror every day so it’s hard to see small changes that happen gradually. It’s often the case that other people will notice our weight loss before we really see it for ourselves. This is because they see us less often, therefore, the changes are more noticeable to them. As a general rule of thumb, in:

  • 1-2 weeks – you’ll start to feel better
  • 4-6 weeks – other people will notice that you’ve lost weight
  • 8-12 weeks – you’ll start to notice the weight loss for yourself

If you’re feeling disappointed with your progress, it can be helpful to look at it objectively. This is where household objects can be a useful and fun way to reflect on your progress. You might not feel like you’ve lost a significant amount of weight but when you see it’s the equivalent of a box of cereal or kitchen sink it’ll seem very different.

Weight loss comparison to objects

Let’s look at how different amounts of weight loss translate into various household items.

2lb – A large bag of sugar

2lb (1kg) of body fat takes up around 1000 cubic centimeters or just over 4 cups in volume. That’s quite a lot! Losing this amount of fat is the equivalent of a losing a large bag of sugar – and that’s no small feat! Carrying this seemingly harmless extra weight can make everything harder, from getting out of bed to walking down the street. So by losing it, you’ll start to notice everyday activities becoming that much easier.

8lb – Your head

Your head, complete with brain weighs around 8lb, a noteworthy figure when thinking about weight loss to everyday objects. Imagine how much lighter you’d feel without it on your shoulders! Granted, you kind of need your head, but if this weight loss is down to pure fat loss, you’ll certainly be feeling a lot lighter!

13lb – An obese cat

Obese cat

The average pet cat should weigh around 10lbs (depending on the breed) but an obese cat can weigh upwards of 13lbs. Although some people may find losing this weight noticeable, others may not – it’ll depend on your frame and starting weight.

But just imagine carrying an obese cat around in a backpack all day (with air holes of course!). Just getting up off the sofa with a Garfield-sized cat would be 10x harder, let alone trying to go for a run. So if you’ve lost 13+ pounds but don’t see it as a significant amount then think again. You’re freeing up your body for more active pursuits that’ll further contribute to your weight loss.

15lb – A vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners weigh around 15lbs (7kg) on average, so losing this amount of weight is truly impressive. We all know how difficult it is to carry one up a flight of stairs! And if you’re not quite there yet, imagine how much easier everything will be once you have shed this weight.

55lb – A poodle

Although poodles come in lots of shapes and sizes, they weigh around 55lbs (25kg) on average. This is the equivalent of two obese cats or 25 bags of sugar! By losing this amount of weight you’ll not only decrease your waistline, but significantly reduce your risk of chronic diseases too.

175lb – A washing machine

A typical washing machine weighs around 175lbs (79kg) and takes up around 4 cubic feet. Taking your BMI from very obese down to a healthy range may involve losing this amount of weight for some people. It’ll take time but the health benefits will be well worth it (and we’re confident that you’ll definitely notice the difference!).

How much have you lost so far?

It’s easy to think 2lb is no great loss, but now you have some practical objects you can benchmark your weight loss against, you can really begin to appreciate how much you’ve achieved!

It’s also important to take stock of the other health benefits you’re benefiting from. Do you have more energy or find it easier to walk up flights of stairs? Has your skin become clearer or your brain less foggy? Perhaps you’re sleeping better as a result of consuming less sugar and becoming more active. Whatever stage you’re at in your weight loss journey, there will be side-benefits to your health that you might not have realized are connected. Be confident that you’re making progress and that every positive decision you make is getting you closer to your end goal.

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Still feeling frustrated by your weight loss progress?

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