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4 Ways To Fall Back in Love With Exercise

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08 Feb 2024

Grab your cheat sheet

  1. Love yourself
  2. Try something that makes you tick
  3. Mix it up a little
  4. Kick out the jams (throw a little music into the mix)
  5. We love you...

Everyone tells you that exercise is brilliant for your body and mind (it is)—but not too many people talk about the barriers that stop you from sticking to a good workout routine.

When you’ve got a million plates to juggle, maintaining a positive mindset and keeping up with your workout commitments can feel like an uphill struggle. And, when exercise starts to feel like a chore (or a bore)—your motivation can dwindle pretty quickly.

But, there are ways you can fall in love with exercise again—and we’re going to tell you all about them right now.

Are you ready to rekindle your old fitness flame? Then read on.


1. Love yourself

To enjoy exercise, the thought of it shouldn’t make you feel either overwhelmed or like cringing behind the sofa.

More often than not, the reason you can fall out of love with exercise is that it starts to feel like a burden at best and an enemy at worst. Usually, this happens because we set our personal expectations far too high.

So, what’s the solution? Well, it all starts with loving yourself.

What we mean is…rather than setting unrealistic exercise expectations and focusing too hard on the outcome—you should give yourself credit for actually wanting to exercise in the first place.

Love yourself enough to give yourself enough credit for giving any kind of fitness routine or physical activity a try. Oh, and make your exercise goals sustainable with these quick tips…

  1. Start with smaller goals
  2. Exercise twice a week, to begin with, then increase the amount you work out gradually over time
  3. Enjoy the act of exercising rather than the outcome
  4. Give yourself a break when you need one

Oh, and perhaps most importantly of all—don’t compare yourself to others. You are, well, you—and you can progress at your own pace. Remember, love yourself and the rest will follow.

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2. Try something that makes you tick

To get that body moving, you’ve actually got to do something that you enjoy. 

So, rather than taking part in a muscle-busting military boot camp circuit training class just because someone at work said ‘it’s the best thing for getting fit and burning fat’—try something that makes you tick.

The type of exercise you do will become a powerful motivator for getting into good habits and staying motivated.

Take the time to figure out what’s most likely to get you moving and keep the momentum going. Try a few different activities and see what sticks. Exercise isn’t about winning Olympic gold medals or moving mountains—it’s about getting healthy and feeling good.

Did you know? Walking briskly for one mile in around 15 minutes burns about the same amount of calories as jogging an equal distance in eight-and-a-half minutes. Bonus.

Yes, walking regularly is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health. Not only can you weave a decent walk into your daily routine fairly easily—but it’s something you can keep up (and fall in love with) long-term.

Here are some other body-pumping exercise ideas for your inspiration…

  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Yoga or pilates
  • Dance classes
  • Spin classes
  • Team sports like soccer, basketball, baseball or cricket
  • Bowling and a walk!

The point here is: Carve out a little time to discover what makes you tick and you’ll find an exercise or activity that you’re likely to fall in love with and enjoy doing regularly.

Top tip: Exercising with friends or loved ones will make exercise more fun and keep you on track.

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3. Mix it up a little

Once you’ve found an exercise that makes you tick, mixing things up a little here and there will keep things exciting and help you maintain the body-pumping motivation you need to succeed.

So, in addition to enjoying your main exercise activity once or twice a week (and really going for it), indulging in a little unofficial ‘cross training ‘ will keep you on your toes while keeping things fresh.

So, when you feel ready to mix things up, throw another activity into the mix that makes you feel good and will help you stay positive.

A weekly walk with friends will do the trick or a cheeky little HIIT session at home. Or if you really want to take things up a notch, a weekly weight training session or bodyweight exercise routine will maximize your motivation while keeping things fresh.


Once you’ve found your groove, you’re sure to love the fitness. But, to level your lifestyle that little bit more, getting creative in the kitchen will work wonders.

Learning a few culinary tricks will give you the tools to improve your diet while keeping your mind sharp (getting active in the kitchen might help you burn a few extra calories, too).

Check out our guide to delicious and nutritious family meals you can whip up in 30 minutes or under for some top foodie tips.

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4. Kick out the jams (throw a little music into the mix)

Did you know? There is a genuine link between music and overall enjoyment of exercise activities or training sessions.

So, if you’re struggling to get back into exercise, let music be your motivator. Creating an exercise playlist or tuning into a radio station you love will give you the boost you need to lace up those sneakers and get those limbs moving.

Music will help you find joy in exercise once again and help you get into a steady pace or groove during your sessions.


To help get out of the starting blocks, here’s a little workout mix we’ve put together for listening pleasure. Check it out, crank it up, and get that body moving.


We love you…

Regular exercise will help you lose weight and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We know there are barriers that can stop you from getting out there and making it happen.

But, by trying these tips, staying consistent, and loving yourself—you’ll get back to where you need to be in no time.

If you’re looking for more tips and insider advice to help you achieve your fitness goals, explore our entire library of approachable lifestyle guides.

Oh, and remember: We love you.