5 Popular Foods to Never Eat If You Want To Stay Slim

5 Popular Foods to Never Eat If You Want To Stay Slim

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28 Aug 2017

Losing weight is difficult, but keeping it off can be even more of a challenge. At least, it is if you’re not eating the right foods.

Of course, some “off-limits” foods are perfectly fine in moderation. Yet there are others that you should avoid altogether when you’re trying to stay slim without working overtime.

Here are five foods to never eat if you want to stay slim:

1. Fried food

Fried food contains lots of fat and calories but has little or no nutritional value. This means that you’re consuming more calories than you need, and often making what might otherwise be a healthy meal unhealthy.

Instead, broil your favorite foods. You can make sweet potato fries, chicken, and other commonly-fried foods at home using this method without the extra fat and calories.

2. White bread

White bread, like fried food, has little nutritional value. Worse, your body can quickly break down white bread into sugar, meaning that you could basically eat a cupcake and your body would react in much the same way.

Instead, opt for a type of bread with more nutritional value, like sprouted grain bread. It’s easy to digest and contains nutrients your body can actually use!

White bread

3. Creamy salad dressing

Salad is packed with greens, vegetables, and lean protein. Then it’s drowned in creamy, high-fat salad dressing. The problem? A couple of tablespoons of creamy dressing can contain more than 20 grams of fat and a couple hundred calories, if not more. This can quickly ruin any nutritional punch your salad would have packed.

Instead, reach for a vinaigrette. Vinegar-based dressings are full of flavor and have fewer calories and less fat than creamy dressings. You can even make your own at home with high-quality vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper, dried herbs, and a tiny splash of olive oil!

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4. White rice

Much like white bread, white rice has little nutritional value. And, because your body converts it to sugar quickly, it can overload your system and lead to heightened fat storage.

Instead, eat brown rice. Brown rice is packed with fiber, B vitamins, and other nutrients that will help you feel full without causing peaks and troughs in your blood sugar level.

5. Sugar

Sugar is one of the leading killers of any weight-loss diet. It is the epitome of the problems previously mentioned with white grains like bread and rice, and will quickly ruin your diet. These problems are exacerbated if you’re consuming sugar in desserts, sodas, and other unhealthy foods.

Instead, reach for organic seasonal fruit when you need a sugar fix. Stay away from dried fruit and fruit juices, though! Both are high in the simple calories which your body processes quickly and stores as fat.

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Staying slim isn’t complicated

If you’ve already lost weight, you don’t need to dramatically change your diet to keep it off. Instead, you should stick to your healthy eating habits! This makes it simple to lose weight and keep it off for years to come.

Meal Shake

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