Calcium Carbonate Weight Loss

Why Does Calcium Supplement Feature In So Many Weight Loss Pills?

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14 Feb 2024

If you’re trying to lose weight, diet pills can help. However, no two diet pills are alike. In fact, their ingredients vary dramatically depending upon their desired effect.

Some diet pill ingredients are dangerous. Ephedra, Fen-Phen and others have long been banned, and smart dieters are right to take heed of these warnings. Others, however, are packed with safe natural ingredients known for their fat-burning effects.

In this article, we explore one such ingredient in greater depth: Calcium carbonate. Read on to learn:

  • what calcium carbonate is
  • why calcium is important in any diet
  • how calcium carbonate promotes weight loss
  • how calcium carbonate, along with other natural ingredients, works in safe weight loss supplements

What is calcium carbonate?

Calcium carbonate is the carbonic salt of calcium and is a naturally occurring powder or crystal. It’s odorless, tasteless, and is the perfect addition to any healthy diet, especially if you’re looking to lose weight!

Put simply, it’s a carbonate mineral that, without going into too much scientific detail, is a natural supplement that you can add to your diet. And when it comes to its potential to induce weight loss, you just might want to!

Why calcium is important

You may not realize it, but you need a significant amount of calcium on a daily basis to function properly, and for good reason! Calcium is essential to countless organs, structures, and systems in the body. In fact, calcium supports blood vessel, nerve, and muscle functioning, regulates hormone levels, and, as you’ll read below, supports weight regulation and even fat loss!

The issue with calcium is that most people cut out dairy when they’re trying to lose weight. They assume that all dairy products are fattening, and justify removing it entirely from their diets because they want to lose weight and don’t care what else they may lose by doing so.

However, you may want to reconsider doing the same and find new ways to supplement calcium back into your diet so that you can enjoy the weight loss benefits calcium promises. But what is calcium and weight loss correlation?

How calcium carbonate boosts weight loss

More than ten years ago, studies revealed that calcium – specifically, three to four servings of low-fat dairy daily – was a simple, effective way to boost fat loss. In fact, calcium is known to have several weight-related benefits, including:

  1. Appetite suppression – calcium intake, especially when combined with high protein intake, can suppress appetite and make it easier to stay on track with portion control and your diet!

  2. Bodyweight regulation – those who are middle-aged, especially women, tend to gain an average of one-quarter to one-half of a pound per year. Most often, this weight gain is concentrated around the waistline. However, those who consume high levels of calcium don’t usually experience the same weight gain, especially those who take in higher levels of calcium and still watch the rest of their diet to regulate calories. Thus, calcium can help you naturally regulate your weight, regardless of whether you have pounds to lose or not.

  3. Fat metabolism – the most significant impact of calcium on weight loss is in fat metabolism. Read on to learn the details of how calcium affects body fat regulation and can help promote weight loss, too!

Calcium and fat metabolism

Studies on both humans and mice reveal that calcium, stored in fat cells, regulates how your body stores and processes additional fat. The general trend in these studies is that when fat cells have high levels of calcium, the cells burn more fat. Thus, calcium is correlated with, though doesn’t necessarily cause, weight loss.

The reason for this weight loss is that calcitriol, a hormone released when calcium intake is low, signals to fat cells to produce more fat while also slowing down the breakdown and oxidation of fat. When you increase calcium intake the body drops calcitriol secretions, which increases the natural breakdown of fat.

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In one of the most prominent studies of calcium and fat metabolism, mice were fed a high-fat, high-sugar diet for six weeks. The mice, on average, experienced a 27 percent increase in body fat. One group of mice was then given calcium supplements of calcium carbonate, whereas others were given low-fat dry milk. The mice that consumed calcium carbonate supplements experienced a 42 percent decrease in body fat, whereas those consuming high levels of dairy-based calcium lost an average of 8 percent body fat.

The results speak for themselves: Though calcium carbonate produced the most marked results, regular dairy can also boost fat loss (which could work in your diet as well!).

The best way to increase your calcium intake

Regardless of how smart a dieter you are, your calcium intake is probably too low. Therefore, you should either increase your intake of low-fat, dairy-based calcium or you should supplement with a calcium carbonate supplement, which may be more effective.

For example, PhenQ, a comprehensive weight loss supplement, contains calcium carbonate – along with other natural ingredients – to boost fat loss. And because PhenQ is designed to meet your other weight loss needs – appetite suppression and increased energy included – you can take one supplement to enjoy all of the benefits you want without the side effects of other diet pills.

Comprehensive weight loss supplements may also contain other natural ingredients that support weight loss, like:

  • Capsimax powder – capsimax powder is a blend of capsicum, piperine, caffeine, and niacin. The unique combination offers a thermogenic boost that helps burn fat by increasing body heat.
  • Chromium picolinate – chromium picolinate is a natural nutrient found in meat, vegetables, and even whole grains. It controls your appetite by suppressing the sugar and carb cravings that can derail even the most dedicated dieters.
  • Caffeine – caffeine, as a stimulant, also increases thermogenesis. Many people also report feeling less hungry after consuming caffeine, making it easier to prevent overeating!

Increase your calcium intake!

Regardless of where you’re at with your weight loss, calcium is an essential nutrient you should pay special attention to when you’re trying to get in shape. You can supplement with calcium pills or use more complex suppelements where calcium is one of the main ingredients.


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