Glucomannan supplement for weight loss

Glucomannan Weight Loss Supplement - Benefits and Side Effects

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26 May 2019

There are a lot of different weight loss plans out there, and many different things that you can do to help you lose weight. In recent years, a lot of the hype surrounding weight loss has revolved around supplementation.

Unfortunately, a lot of this hype is just that – hype. There are so many supplements to choose from that it can be difficult to find one that actually works. One of the supplements that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years for weight loss is glucomannan.

In this article, we’re going to teach you about the glucomannan supplement and help you decide whether or not you can use glucomannan for weight loss.

What is glucomannan?

Glucomannan is an all-natural substance. It’s a form of fiber that’s extracted from the elephant yam, and it can be found in many health foods, diet, and bodybuilding shops in the form of a supplement. It’s also used as an additive in many food sources, such as in gluten-free pasta or flour.

One of the coolest things about glucomannan is the way that it absorbs water – it’s one of the most absorbent fibers that is currently known to mankind. Mixing a little bit of the stuff into a cup of water will gelatinize the whole mixture, and this is one of the reasons that it can be useful for helping people manage their weight. More on that later.

How does glucomannan work for weight loss?

Now that you know what glucomannan is, it’s time to learn about why glucomannan can help you lose weight.

The main reason that glucomannan is useful for helping people manage weight loss is because of its properties as a fiber. Glucomannan is a soluble fiber, and soluble fibers are great for a number of things.

  • Soluble fibers are low in calories but provide sustenance.
  • Glucomannan and other soluble fibers will help you feel full quicker because of the way that it expands in your stomach. This means that you’ll be less likely to eat large amounts of food and that you can remain full for longer after a meal.
  • Glucomannan actually slows down the speed at which your stomach empties, meaning that food will actually remain in your belly for longer. It also slows down the speed that proteins and fats are digested, further enhancing its ability to make you feel full for long periods of time and improving upon glucomannan weight loss results.
  • Glucomannan is digested by the bacteria in your intestines, which metabolize it into healthy fatty acids – some of which are known to help prevent the body from stacking on pounds from fat. Having a healthy amount of bacteria in your gut is also key for digestion and metabolism and can be useful for aiding weight management in other ways.

Not only is glucomannan a soluble fiber, it’s also one of the best at absorbing water. This means that it will expand a significant amount in your stomach.

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Are glucomannan supplements really effective?

So there’s some reason to believe that glucomannan is good for us, but what are the actual results for using glucomannan for weight loss? Does the supplement really work?

Fortunately, there have been some controlled studies done on glucomannan weight loss. These studies use regulated environments to ensure that results are verified and that they can be reproduced – which means that they give you reason to believe that they should work for you!

The biggest study done on glucomannan for weight loss evaluated 176 overweight people. These people were on a calorie restricted diet, and some of them were given a glucomannan supplement. The supplement was to be taken right before they ate a meal.

The glucomannan weight loss dosage varied for different participants, and results were fairly consistent. People who took glucomannan supplements increased their ability to lose weight after 5 weeks.

This gives us reason to believe that glucomannan supplements, when combined with other weight-loss techniques like exercise and diet control, can be very useful for helping to promote weight loss.

Other health benefits of glucomannan supplements

Glucomannan supplements are not just useful for helping people lose weight. In fact, weight loss is just one of the many benefits attributed to the substance. Here are some other benefits that you might experience if you choose to include glucomannan in your diet.

  • Helps to lower cholesterol levels. A review of several studies done on glucomannan revealed that it can help reduce ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol levels by reducing the amount that is absorbed in your intestines. LDL cholesterol can contribute to health conditions such as atherosclerosis and stroke.

  • Helps regulate blood sugar. The same review of studies linked above also showed that glucomannan can help to reduce blood sugar levels. This means it can be useful for helping to prevent the development of diabetes.

  • Helps fight constipation. Water-soluble fibers such as glucomannan and psyllium husk have been known to be effective for helping to fight constipation. They do this by helping to bring water into the intestine. Interestingly, water-soluble fibers can also help to fight diarrhea by bulking up watery stool.

As you can see, glucomannan isn’t just a great supplement for people hoping to lose weight. It has a number of practical applications and can be used as a preventative for helping to ward off various forms of illness.

How to use glucomannan supplements for weight loss


Now that you know all about glucomannan for weight loss, you’re probably excited to figure out how you can introduce this supplement into your diet for weight loss. There are a number of different ways that you can do this.

First off, it’s important to note that you don’t need to buy glucomannan in supplement form. It’s definitely simpler to buy pre-packaged, pre-weighed supplements because you don’t have to measure your own dosage. However, this convenience comes at a price and these supplements are often more expensive than they should be.

On the other hand, you can buy glucomannan in bulk form from many health food shops and natural food stores. Buying it in bulk means that you can measure out your own glucomannan weight loss dosage and that you’ll be able to save quite a bit of money while doing so.

In regards to glucomannan weight loss dosage, a reasonable dose of 1 gram, 3 times a day is usually enough. This is quite a small amount, and might require the usage of a scale if you’re buying the substance in its bulk form. A single gram of glucomannan is less than 1/4 of a teaspoon.

The most prominent studies done on glucomannan for weight loss have had the subjects eating it between 15-60 minutes before a meal. You will only need to consume it 15 minutes before if you’re using the bulk powder because it will begin to absorb water immediately after you consume it. If you’re taking glucomannan capsules, you will need to take it around 30-60 minutes beforehand so the capsule has time to dissolve.

As the glucomannan absorbs the water, it expands. This means that as you start to eat your meal, you’ll already feel a bit full. Many people overeat because they don’t feel full immediately after their meal; glucomannan can help to prevent this.

Furthermore, eating it before a meal means that it will help to prevent your body from absorbing any unhealthy cholesterols that might be in your meals. Of course, if you’re on a healthy weight loss plan, your meals shouldn’t be containing too much bad cholesterol – but not everyone is able to develop a cholesterol-free meal plan so easily.

Side effects of glucomannan supplements

Glucomannan is generally considered a safe supplement, but even the safest supplements should be taken seriously. It’s important to be aware of any potential side effects of glucomannan before you take it.

The first thing to be aware of is that glucomannan can expand in the throat before it reaches your stomach. This can cause choking, which can be fatal – especially in small people or children. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you chase down your glucomannan with a big glass of water. This problem is easier avoided if you’re taking supplements in capsule form.

There are some side effects that people may experience when they first begin to use glucomannan, though these side effects aren’t very common. You may experience a bit of bloating, gas, or diarrhea the first time that you use the substance. Side effects generally go away after using it for a few days.

It’s also important to note that you shouldn’t take glucomannan within 2 hours of using medications because it can interfere with their absorption.


Glucomannan is a natural supplement that has a number of useful health benefits. One of the benefits of glucomannan is that it can be useful for helping people lose weight.

Hopefully, this article has shone a light onto the potential benefits of glucomannan so that you can include this supplement in your diet as part of your weight loss regime.


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