“Super Fit” Brandie Took PhenQ For A Month

“Super Fit” Brandie Took PhenQ For A Month — Here’s What Happened

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06 Nov 2018

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for any amount of time, you know how frustrating it can be when those last few pounds, inches or body fat percentage points just. Won’t. Shift!

The agonising wait to see the needle inch just a little closer towards your goal can be discouraging… Especially when you’re nearing the end of your weight loss journey.

Everyone knows the last few pounds are the hardest ones to drop.

It feels like no matter how much you tweak your nutrition or how hard you work in the gym, nothing ever works…

And your goal weight just seems like a pipedream.

That’s what Brandie thought, too.

“Super Fit” Brandie was doing all the right things.

She was already physically fit and working out regularly…

Her diet was filled with clean, fresh food, and she made sure that all of her macronutrients supported her on her weight loss journey.

Yet, at a 118 pounds — her ideal weight — her body wasn’t looking as lean as she wanted it to, and she was struggling to lose the body fat she so desperately wanted to shift.

None of the things she was already doing seemed to work — her nutrition was already on point, as was her fitness regimen — but instead of giving up and resigning herself to “not-quite-there-yet” results, Brandie decided to look at other solutions.

That’s when she discovered PhenQ.

Take it away, Brandie!

“I was already physically fit but wanted to shed a few inches of body fat as I have found once you are at an ideal weight it becomes almost impossible to drop any more body fat…

I also already eat fresh, clean food and have always watched/managed my macros before starting PhenQ, so I did not need to do any adjusting of my diet.

I have to admit I was skeptical, but after only one month there has been some changes that have come from the only change I made, which was I started to take PhenQ.”

After doing a ton of research I decided that, based on reviews being so high on PhenQ I
would give it a try…”

Like many others — perhaps maybe even like you — Brandie was skeptical.

After all, don’t “diet pills” only work for people with a lot of weight to lose, if at all?

How could one little pill magically solve the problem she’d been battling with for months?

Most importantly — how could PhenQ succeed, where all her most valiant efforts to exercise and eat healthily couldn’t?


Results don’t lie.

“On May 19th I started to take PhenQ.

I took pics and did some measuring.

Starting weight was 118lbs.
Waist measurement: 26″
Thighs: 21″
Hips: 35.5″

On June 19th, my weight is at 115lbs.
Waist measurement: 24″
Thighs: 20″
Hips: 34.5″

Thanks for the great product!”

In other words, although Brandie “only” lost three pounds in a month (remember, she was already at her goal weight)…

Thanks to PhenQ, “Super Fit” Brandie lost an extra two inches off her waist, an inch off her thighs and an inch off her hips — all of this, without making any other changes whatsoever to her diet or fitness regimen.

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Could she have achieved the same results without PhenQ?

Sure, it’s possible…

But it would’ve taken far more energy and effort (and Brandie was already doing everything she could), and it definitely would’ve taken far longer than a month.

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Brandie is proof that PhenQ works. Even for people with very little weight left to lose, and even for people with just a few body fat percentage points to shift to reach their goals.

That’s because PhenQ isn’t just a “diet pill”…

It’s a cutting-edge new slimming formula combining the power of multiple weight loss supplements in one easy to take pill — because here at Team PhenQ, we know that focusing on just one element of your weight loss just isn’t going to cut it.

This was definitely true for Brandie, and it’s true for you, too.

We developed PhenQ to help breakthrough a multitude of common problems and struggles people face when they try to lose weight.

It helps you crush your weight loss goals by…

  • Burning stored fat so that your dream body can be revealed (just like “Super Fit” Brandie)
  • Suppressing your appetite so that you no longer have to battle cravings
  • Blocking new fat production so that you no longer have to worry about gaining weight
  • Improving your mood and energy levels so that you never have to fear that “diet crankiness”

And so much more.

Like Brandie discovered, it’s the ideal “little extra” to help you reach your weight loss or lean body mass goals when nothing else seems to do the trick.

And guess what? You can try it for yourself now, too.

Now is the ideal time for you to try PhenQ and experience results like Brandie yourself.

Will you join Brandie (and the 190,000+ other folks we’ve helped reach their goals) and finally start seeing the needle move in the right direction?

Your dream body is only a click away.