How Maddy Lost 11lb With PhenQ

How Maddy Lost 11lb With PhenQ (& How You Can Do The Same)

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06 Jan 2019

If you’re looking to lose weight, there’s nothing more inspiring than hearing how other people did it.

Learning about their journey, seeing their transformation, and picking up practical tips along the way can be hugely motivating.

We’re constantly hearing these stories from our customers so thought we’d share a few with you. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Maddy who lost an incredible 11lb and now feels confident in her own skin. Take a look at her story…

Meet Maddy

Maddy is a 23-year old woman from Perth in Western Australia. She combined PhenQ with a healthy diet and regular exercise to lose an incredible 11lb in just two months! Not only does she look fantastic (as you can see from her photos) but she also has a new level of self-confidence. “I feel more comfortable in my clothes and I also feel happier wearing a bikini.” she says.


At 160cm (5’3”) tall, she was unhappy with weighing 143lb. Like many of us who’ve struggled with our size, Maddy was overweight as a child and bullied very severely all through primary and high school.

As an adult, she decided to lose weight in preparation for her sister’s wedding. It’s common for us to compare ourselves to others and worry about looking different so having this deadline kick-started her weight loss journey. In her own words “I wanted to make sure I wasn’t the fat bridesmaid!”


How Maddy Lost 11lb in 2 Months

Maddy was proactive about her new weight loss goal and took several positive steps to achieve it. Here’s an overview of her main changes:

1 – Filling up on veggies

Maddy tried to eat as many vegetables as she could. This is a fantastic way to drive weight loss since it fuels you with nutrients and doesn’t leave you feeling hungry or deprived. Vegetables tend to contain carbohydrates which fill you up so you’re more satisfied after a meal. They’re also packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber too. Vitamins and minerals support the chemical reactions in your body that break down fat, so they’re essential for weight loss. Fiber aids the digestive process and also adds to the feelings of fullness and satisfaction after eating. This also means you’re less likely to snack between meals.

2 – Portion control

According to Maddy, she also “cut down portion sizes” in her effort to lose weight. This is a really simple step that can have profound effects on our calorie consumption. Many of us get into the habit of eating set portion sizes but never question whether we really need to eat that much. Sometimes this will be based on how much our parents served us or the size of the plate that we’re eating from. Being proactive about portion control can help us to avoid unknowingly overeating and reduce calorie intake.

3 – Cutting out unhelpful foods

Maddy also cut down on eating ‘bad’ foods as part of her new regime. This will be different for everyone so it’s important you think about what’s right for you. Junk or processed food like packaged cakes and potato chips can be pretty bad for our health. Cutting these out will reduce your calorie intake as well as unhealthy fats that affect our overall health. Some people have other trigger foods that they can’t stop eating once they start, so it’s usually easier to avoid these altogether. Since ‘bad’ foods can be subjective, think about which ones are unhelpful for your specific goals and lifestyle.

4 – Aiming to exercise 5 times per week

Maddy tried to exercise five times a week which is an excellent way to burn calories and reduce body fat. Incorporating physical activity on a regular basis helps to develop it as a habit until it’s a natural part of your everyday routine. If hitting the gym that often sounds unrealistic, then think about how you can build exercise into your normal day. Walking or cycling to work is a time-efficient way to burn extra calories. You could also try a lunchtime workout session so that your evenings remain free to spend with friends and family.

5 – Supplementing with PhenQ

The last piece of Maddy’s weight loss puzzle was taking PhenQ on a regular basis. It supported her other nutrition and exercise activities so that she could get even better results from her hard work.

According to Maddy “it helped repress my appetite and also accelerated the fat loss”. By taking PhenQ, people feel less hungry which makes it easier to stick with healthy eating habits. It also boosts the metabolism and encourages fat-burning which makes workouts even more effective. This was crucial in helping her to reach the target weight she’d set for her sister’s wedding.

We love Maddy’s story because it’s one that we can all resonate with. Being more comfortable in clothes and happier in a bikini is something we’d love others to experience too.

It’s about more than just the numbers on the scales (although seeing those come down is really satisfying!). Maddy’s achievement shows how losing weight can change the way we see ourselves and increase our own self-confidence. She also has a few words of advice for anyone else who’s trying to lose weight…

“Stick to it – the results are honestly worth it!”

Are you feeling inspired by Maddy’s amazing progress? Then why not give PhenQ a try and super-charge your own weight loss journey! It’s completely safe, side effect free, and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Learn more here.

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