PhenQ Helped Jane Fight Her Hunger Pangs

PhenQ Helped Jane Fight Her Hunger Pangs And Fit Into Her Pre-Baby Clothes Again

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06 Nov 2018

We’ve all been there before…

That gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach that just won’t go away, no matter how many glasses of water you drink…

That sad-looking salad that leaves you not only completely unimpressed, but also completely unsatiated (and yet, there’s still another four hours until your next meal)…

Those RAGING cravings that keep torturing you and tempting you to just reach into the fridge and grab the first thing (not to mention, ahem, “politely” share your frustrations with your spouse or children)…

Hunger pangs. Cravings. Officially the worst part about dieting — and naturally, they go hand in hand.

When we transition to a healthier lifestyle in order to lose weight, it can be difficult to adjust. Whether it’s the type of food we eat or the quantity, chances are you’ve had to make some big changes to take that first step towards reaching your goal.

And… It’s hard! Speaking from experience as someone who used to adore her couple of glasses of Pinot (naturally accompanied by hefty quantities of cheese) every night, transitioning into eating less and eating better definitely brought out the “hanger” monster in me.

I was a nightmare to be around — not just because I was hungrier than I’d ever been before, but also because having to give up my favourite junk food was… Let’s put it… Uncomfortable. And trust me — I made everyone around me very aware of that fact!

Jane, new mom and one of our most valued PhenQ customers struggled with this too.

Like many new mothers, Jane started feeling unhappy with her weight right after having kids. Because she is a WARRIOR, she didn’t let those unproductive feelings linger — instead, she decided to take matters into her own hands by joining a gym and improving her eating habits.

“I was ready… I joined a gym and began changing my eating habits in an attempt to lose the
weight I gained from having two babies in less than two years. I had 18 kilos to lose to get
back to my pre-baby self. It felt like my body hadn’t been mine in a long time and I was
prepared to take charge again. It worked!”

Alas, the road to glory is paved with many obstacles, as Jane quickly found out:

“It worked! At least it worked for a while until my weight loss began to plateau.”

Just like Brandie, Jane had hit a plateau in her weight loss journey and no amount of extra exercise or tweaks in her nutrition seemed to get the needle moving in the right direction again.

What’s worse, cutting her calories significantly to try and jumpstart her weight loss again only lead to crippling hunger pangs, and, you guessed it… Cravings.

Jane knew that the definition of insanity was to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome, so she knew she needed to go in an altogether different direction:

“That’s when I knew I had to step it up and started researching other options. I read hundreds of reviews on many different products and decided that a diet supplement pill would be the thing I would try.”

Just like Brandie, Jane decided to try our award-winning slimming supplement, PhenQ. Here’s what happened next…

Before and after weight loss

“I have almost finished my second bottle and have lost a total of 12 kilos since starting my journey, 6 of them in the past 2 months with PhenQ. I’m not at the end yet, but excited to continue on and perhaps even surpass the goals I originally set for myself.”

Talk about incredible results!

But weight loss isn’t the only good thing that came out of Jane’s 2-month adventure with PhenQ…

“I took my first pill the morning after the package arrived and was completely surprised when within 10 minutes my hunger and cravings subsided. In a mere moment, I went from somebody who thought about food all the time to somebody who almost forgot to feed myself that day. I had a lot of energy and didn’t feel like I needed to collapse in a heap while my kids were napping, so I got housework done that day, a rarity.

Since then it’s been easy to eat healthy because I’m not fighting against hunger and cravings. I never could have predicted that PhenQ would help change so many aspects of my life, most specifically the improvement of my mood.”

In other words, not only did PhenQ help Jane bust through her plateau and jumpstart her weight loss again…

It also helped her nip hunger pangs and cravings in the bud, so that she could stop thinking about food all day and begin finally living her life again.

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Taking PhenQ twice a day helped Jane reclaim her health, time and energy so that she could be present for her children and spouse — and perhaps most important of all, for herself.

If dieting has made you frustrated, hungry, angry and exhausted, PhenQ can help you, too.

We developed PhenQ to help breakthrough a multitude of common problems and struggles people face when they try to lose weight.

It helps you crush your weight loss goals by…

  • Burning stored fat so that your dream body can be revealed (just like “Super Fit” Brandie)
  • Suppressing your appetite so that you no longer have to battle cravings
  • Blocking new fat production so that you no longer have to worry about gaining weight
  • Improving your mood and energy levels so that you never have to fear that “diet crankiness”

And so much more — like helping you bust through whatever plateau you’re currently facing.

Like Jane discovered, it’s the perfect sidekick for a tired mom — or spouse, or hard-working employee — who just needs a little help in getting the results they need.

And guess what? You can try it for yourself now, too.

Now is the ideal time for you to try PhenQ and experience results like Jane yourself.

Will you join Jane (and the 190,000+ other folks we’ve helped reach their goals) and finally start seeing the needle move in the right direction?

Your dream body is only a click away.