Can A Pill Help You To Burn Belly Fat?

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    The fascinating thing about this question is that the answer is both a yes AND a no.

    You see, on the one hand pills do exist that can contribute to belly fat loss. However, this fat loss is in no way targeted at just your stomach, but occurs equally across your entire body (as it is a total body mechanism).

    Will some fat come off your stomach? Probably. But the truth is – NO pill can claim to be a belly fat pill. That is too specific and basically isn’t true. Instead, they would be better off describing themselves as fat loss pills, but sadly this isn’t how manufacturers like to label them…

    Now before you go off thinking – well what is the point to these pills then? We want you to you stop, think and consider the following point. You see, whilst they might wrongly call themselves the ‘best diet pill for belly fat’, they do still have some merit for assisting with weight loss. The only difference is – it’s all over!

    Let us explain…

    What is belly fat?

    • Subcutaneous fat – this fat is looser than the others and tends to accumulate just under your skin. For instance, you can usually pinch this layer.
    • Intramuscular fat – this fat is found within your skeletal muscles.
    • Visceral fat – best known as intra-abdominal or ‘belly fat’, this is the fat found packed between your abdominal organs e.g. your stomach, liver, kidneys, etc.

    Can A Pill Help You To Burn Belly Fat?

    Is there a belly fat pill?

    Okay, you now know what belly fat is and where it can be found. Similarly, you’re fully aware that there is no magic pill that can target just this area of fat. It’s just too difficult.

    However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to improve your odds.

    Take the following…

    These are all natural ways to increase belly fat loss:

    • Sugar – eliminate/reduce all forms of sugar – including sugar drinks and juices. By cutting down the amount of sugar you consume, you can decrease belly fat development.
    • Diet – the Mediterranean diet is considered the best for increasing fat burn as it contains olive oil, nuts, seeds, yoghurt, avocados and fish which are all rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that can reduce belly fat storage.

    Yet this isn’t your only dietary option. You can also incorporate these eating tips into your meal plans:

    • Curb your carb intake instead of fats – low carb diets can help you to lose 10lbs more (on average) than low fat diets.
    • Cut/reduce processed foods – these are heavy in trans fats, added sugar and added salt which can make it harder for you to lose weight.
    • Think ‘healthy eating’ instead of diet – by learning how to make better food choices, you won’t need to calorie count. Instead, aim to lower your carb intake and stay away from problem foods (high in carbs/sugar but contain little fiber) such as bread, bagels and soda. Alternatively, increase your vegetable, bean and healthy meat consumption.
    • Exercise – the easiest thing you can do to prevent a build-up of belly fat – as well as get rid of existing fat – is to become more active and exercise regularly. Why? Because the first fat you’ll shed during exercise is visceral fat.

    That being said, you need to be careful that you don’t overdo it, as overtraining can lead to excess cortisol production. And this is a bad thing as too much of this stress hormone can increase belly fat accumulation.

    Instead, try to do some of the following:

    • Go for a 1 hour brisk walk every day – this will boost your metabolism.
    • Fidget – yep that’s right! Fidgeting is good for you as it can help you to burn pent-up energy.
    • Avoid sitting too much – studies have shown that if you sit for 8-9 hours a day, the 150 hours of exercise (that you are recommended to do every week) will be less effective than if you stay active all day long. If you can’t avoid sitting down – due to your job – try to: take small breaks throughout the day and have a walk around; go for a long walk on your lunch break; use stairs instead of elevators; do stretching exercises at your desk, and simply try to move around more so you’ve got the chance to burn excess energy.
    • Take up a fun/active leisure activity – switch relaxing in front of the TV with an active hobby i.e. walking, swimming, cycling, hiking, sport, etc.
    • Don’t rely solely on sit-ups – a common misconception is that sit-ups can help you to shift body fat and achieve a six pack. Unfortunately, sit-ups and crunches alone won’t eliminate visceral fat (well not directly). In fact, all you’re really doing is toning up your abdominal muscles. Instead, incorporate a range of weightlifting, strength training and intensity training into your workout, so that your entire body gets pushed and trained.
    • Develop muscle – whilst sit-ups won’t shred belly fat, they can help you to burn calories, strengthen your core and develop more muscle. And the more muscle you have, the more metabolically active you will be i.e. you will burn calories even when you’re resting. For this reason, try to lift heavier weights and rest less between repetitions.
    • Sleep – research has shown that if you get less than 5 hours sleep a night you are more likely to gain 30+ pounds.
    • Weight loss drugs – whilst there isn’t a miracle pill to help you lose belly fat fast, there are a variety of weight loss drugs you can try which can stimulate fat burn and help you to achieve fat loss across your entire body.

    Take PhenQ for example. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, this 100% natural supplement can help to raise your metabolism, suppress your appetite and burn stored fat so you can achieve lasting weight loss.

    True it won’t target belly fat specifically – remember there is no such thing as a ‘best pill to lose belly fat’. That is a myth. However, thanks to its proven ingredients, PhenQ can help you to take control of your fat loss.

    The answer is in its ingredients:

    • α-Lacys Reset® – this scientifically proven ingredient works by accelerating your metabolism (encouraging a higher calorie burn) and increasing thermogenesis (raising your body temp) which enables your body to burn fat faster from your fat stores.
    • Capsimax powder – comprised of capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin (Vitamin B3), each of these ingredients contains strong thermogenic properties that can boost fat burn. It can also stop the formation of new fat cells.
    • Caffeine – this stimulant can do more than increase alertness, focus and help you overcome fatigue. It also helps to increase thermogenesis; boost your metabolism; suppress your appetite, and improve your physical performance. In studies, it was found to increase fat burn by up to 29%.
    • L-carnitine fumarate – this natural amino acid helps your body to turn fat stores into energy, enabling you to burn more fat.

    And this is forgetting the other ingredients PhenQ contains! Click here to find out more.

    In turn, these are not the only ingredients which can help stimulate fat loss. You can also incorporate the following nutrients into your diet:

    • Green coffee bean (unroasted coffee beans) – like regular coffee, it can increase fat burn and weight loss.
    • Green tea extract – is reputed to increase the activity of norepinephrine, a hormone that is responsible for burning fat.
    • Conjugated linoleic acid – one of the healthier trans fats – found in cheese and butter – alongside reducing your appetite and boosting your metabolism, it can also encourage the breakdown of body fat.
    • Forskolin – this plant extract raises the presence of cAMP – a compound in your cells that can trigger fat burn. In one study it was found to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass.
    • Bitter orange – this type of orange contains synephrine, a compound that is capable of reducing your appetite and significantly increasing fat burn.


    Young overweight unrecognizable woman with measuring tape around her waist and pills in hand

    So it is possible to find a ‘lose belly fat pill’? No, not really. All round fat loss? Sure. But an actual pill whose sole purpose is to help you lose belly fat fast? No.

    Yet this doesn’t mean you can’t shift excess fat and achieve the weight loss results you deserve. Simply accept that this fat loss won’t be just on your stomach, and you can easily incorporate pills such as PhenQ into your diet and exercise regime. Do that, and with time you can slim down your waist and feel comfortable in your skin.

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