Ipamorelin and Sermorelin Benefits

Ipamorelin and Sermorelin Benefits for Weight Loss

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01 Apr 2019

What are Peptides and what are they used for?

The first thing you need to know about peptides is that they’re not a steroid.

To put it simply, they are small proteins (made up of less than 50 amino acids) which are responsible for a range of functions around the body, most importantly the production of growth hormones levels.

By stimulating specific receptors in your body, peptides can help to ‘tailor’ your growth hormones to encourage weight loss; increase fat burn and energy; build muscle mass; reduce inflammation; speed up recovery; enhance athletic ability, and essentially improve your body composition.

How do Peptides work?

There are numerous kinds of peptides which work on different areas of your body. The most common – and well-known ones – are those which help to increase your body’s production of GHRH from the hypothalamus to ensure the release of extra Human Growth hormone.

By stimulating your Pituitary Gland to make and excrete more Human Growth Hormone into your bloodstream; these amino acids can potentially help to reduce the effects of aging.

But that is not all they can do. Peptides can:

  • Stimulate bone and cartilage growth (in children)

  • Trigger protein production

  • Promote fat utilization

  • Interfere with the action of insulin (helping to raise blood sugar levels)

  • Raise levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) that assists in lean muscle development. IGF-1 is also important in the negative feedback loop that causes decreased natural production and release of HGH from the Pituitary Gland e.g. when HGH gets low the hypothalamus releases stimulators of GHRHs (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones) and when HGH is too high, it works to lower production. In other words, it ensures HGH levels remain balanced.

By triggering an increase in HGH, this hormone can help to keep your body regulated, your digestive system healthy and your insulin levels just right.

And these benefits are not just hearsay. There are a number of studies which prove the worth of peptides.

In Harvard’s Men’s Health Watch, they saw positive improvements to muscle mass as well as protection from fractures, decreased body fat, bolstered energy and physical performance, and reduced risk of heart disease.

Other studies have noted improvements to psychological well-being, including better quality sleep (increased deep sleep).

How should you take it?


Most peptides are administered by injection, but it is possible to apply it topically or transdermally onto your skin using a cream. As well as your skin, some can be applied to the inside of your mouth or consumed as a pill.

Now, it is important to note here that peptides are not free from side effects. Used incorrectly they can cause: itchiness to the injection area, water retention, increased appetite, dry mouth, tiredness, numbness, high blood pressure, kidney pain, joint pain, darkening of moles, weight gain/loss, and reduced fertility.

As a result, if you experience any of these symptoms speak to your doctor immediately.

Benefits of Peptides for weight loss

Evidence does suggest that fat loss is possible through the use of peptides. However, you need to remember that peptides are not miracle workers. They cannot inspire weight loss on their own.

So whilst they can help you to burn more fat (by breaking down body fat and fatty acids) and achieve lean muscle mass, peptides need to be paired with a healthy diet and regular physical exercise in order for you to achieve optimum results.

Now if you’re considering peptides for weight loss, there are two key players: Ipamorelin and Sermorelin.

What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a biologically active analog of GRF 1-44 which is a GHRH that is naturally produced by your brain to stimulate the production and secretion of HGH by your pituitary gland.

It consists of the first 29 amino acids of the naturally occurring neurohormone and is readily degraded once it reaches your bloodstream, meaning it has a biological half-life of just 10-20 minutes.

Despite all of this, Sermorelin isn’t a growth hormone. It is a growth hormone secretagogue e.g. it stimulates your pituitary gland by binding with certain receptors to increase the production and release of HGH.

The Science

Sermorelin mimics hypothalamic peptide, GHRH. It affects your pituitary gland directly by stimulating somatotroph cells to produce and secrete GH. In doing so, it can help regulate your cellular actives.

At the same time, it can increase the proliferation of somatotroph cells during development.

  • Sermorelin Dosage – Sermorelin is typically administered once a day (before bed) by injection. Now the amount you need will depend on your health requirements; however, 3mcg/kg of Sermorelin can stimulate GHRH mediated GH release responses. Vials come in 3 sizes: 6mg, 9mg and 15mg. NOTE: if you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it is close to your next dose, leave it and resume your normal dosage. NEVER double your Sermorelin dosage.

  • Sermorelin benefits – this HGH therapy form can help you to experience: increased energy, vitality, strength and endurance; improved lead muscle mass (by creating new muscle cells); fat loss (by breaking down body fat and fatty acids); improved heart function and bone strength density (increased calcium retention helps to improve strength and density); accelerated healing; enhanced immunity; improved non-REM sleep; increased protein synthesis and stimulation of internal organ growth (except your brain); improved liver glycogenesis; reduced liver uptake of glucose and it can fuel homeostasis.

  • Sermorelin side effects – if you’ve got any existing thyroid problems, brain disorders (lesions) or allergies, you should inform your doctor immediately before taking Sermorelin. Similarly, you should not take it if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. In terms of side effects, you should seek medical advice if you experience pain, swelling or redness around the injection site (affects 16% of users). In addition, there is a small chance of it causing: upper respiratory conditions; nerve sensitivity; insomnia; depression; nausea; chest pain; hypothyroidism (by reducing T3); headaches; flushing; dysphagia; dizziness; hyperactivity; reduced insulin sensitivity, and sore bones.

What is Ipamorelin?

Ipamorelin is one of many growth hormone peptides that can help to increase production of your own growth hormone levels. Of all the peptides used to treat low HGH, Ipamorelin is the newest and most commonly recommended peptide.

Like Sermorelin, it works by stimulating your pituitary gland to produce more endogenous growth hormones, meaning your Ipamorelin levels will naturally grow instead of being adding synthetically into your system.

And this form of stimulation is much more selective than older peptides such as Sermorelin, ensuring you suffer from fewer side effects.

  • Ipamorelin dosage – Ipamorelin can be taken as a subcutaneous injection or as an RDT tablet (under the tongue). It should be taken once a day (3mcg) before bedtime to coincide with your body’s natural growth hormone spike.

  • Ipamorelin benefits – one common Ipamorelin benefit is its short term fat loss and improvements to your body composition. Used for 3-6 months, it can help to boost your fat metabolism, encouraging increased weight loss. In addition, it can help you to recover faster from workouts; combat aging; sleep better; feel more energetic, and improve mood, bone density, and immune function. Used long term for 6-12 months, users can witness a more youthful and energetic state.

  • Ipamorelin side effects – as this peptide is more specific acting, it immediately causes less side effects than other peptides. In fact, Ipamorelin side effects are pretty uncommon and at worse only consist of headaches and nausea.

Ipamorelin vs Sermorelin – which one is better for weight loss?

Both of these peptides have the power to encourage weight loss by promoting fat utilization. By breaking down fats and fatty acids, and triggering increased fat burn during exercise; this can help you to naturally lose weight and achieve more lean muscle mass.

What you need to remember with both of these though, is that the amount you lose will be dependent on the amount of effort you put in. If you just have the injection and that’s it i.e. you don’t exercise and you continue to eat the wrong foods; then the results you’ll see will be minimal.

Pair either of these peptides with healthy lifestyle choices – working out 2-3 times a week and eating a balanced diet of proteins, carbs, and fats – and you WILL experience weight loss.

We suppose the real decider between these two peptides is which is safer for your body. They may produce the same health benefits, but as an older peptide, Sermorelin is more prone to causing an array of nasty side effects.

Ipamorelin – as a newer and more specific acting peptide – is safer and rarely causes side effects. The worst that can happen is headaches and nausea. Sermorelin cannot offer such assurances…

That is why, if you have to choose one, Ipamorelin is the safer, more effective weight loss option.

Where to buy Ipamorelin and Sermorelin and what are other natural supplementation options that could be used instead

Ipamorelin and Sermorelin is something you should only use under the guidance of your doctor – and as such is better, if it has been prescribed.

That being said, there are tonnes of websites online which can offer you injection vials, creams, and pills for both of these peptides.

Simply do a search and you’ll be offered a choice of buying options.

Yet these are not your only choice for weight loss…

Natural weight loss supplements such as PhenQ can encourage thermogenesis within your body, resulting in increased fat burn (by turning fat stores into energy) and the prevention of new fat cells being formed. It can also help to: curb your appetite and carb cravings; control your blood sugar levels; improve your mood and energy levels; increase concentration/alertness/focus; eliminate fatigue; reduce fluid retention, and improve your physical performance.

PhenQ achieves this weight loss thanks to its potent formulation of capsimax powder (capsicum, piperine, caffeine, and niacin/Vitamin B3), chromium picolinate (mineral found in meat, vegetables and whole grains), caffeine, nopal (cactus) and l-carnitine fumarate (a naturally occurring amino acid). Together they can help you to shift excess pounds and achieve a healthier, happier you.

For more information on PhenQ and natural supplementation, take a look at our website.


Peptides may not be steroids but actual proteins (made up of amino acids); however, what Ipamorelin and Sermorelin both prove is that when synthetically introduced into the body, they are not 100% safe.
Can they increase natural HGH? Yes. Can they trigger weight loss through heightened fat burn? Yes. Are they safe? If we’re honest, not entirely.

As an older peptide, Sermorelin, in particular, can trigger a whole host of negative side effects which can be quite damaging to your health. Ipamorelin too is not entirely innocent. Yes, it may rarely cause headaches and nausea – but are any of these side effects worth it, when their weight loss results are minimal? No.

And that is the catch…

Only with hard work, exercise, and sensible dietary choices can you experience increased weight loss with peptides.

That is why, if you want to experience genuine weight loss – choosing a natural route such as PhenQ is the only way.

Formulated using minerals, plant extracts, amino acids, and vitamins; every one of its ingredients has been purposefully chosen because of their extensive studies and ability to encourage safe weight loss.

Given the choice – why expose your body to unnecessary side effects when there are safer, more natural options available?